Know your Wirecutter

It’s pretty much a given that if I come back with “For real, man” when the story I’m telling is doubted, I’m probably trying to feed you a line of shit. And if I add on “I ain’t lyin'” and start laughing it means I was trying to feed a line of shit and know I got busted at it.
For real.

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3 Responses to Know your Wirecutter

  1. irontomflint says:

    The difference between a fairy tale and a “Sea Story” is one begins with “Once upon a time.” and the other starts with…”This ain’t no shit!”

  2. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    I know a guy that for the most part is as good as Gold, but when he starts picking at his crotch, and excitedly utters the phrase “boys, I swear to God, if this ain’t the truth, I’ve never told it”, you better look out because a “whopper” is on the way!

  3. Crotalus says:

    Shocking! Guess he got a real charge outta that! Certainly an electrifying video!

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