For Sandman – III to III (reposted)

One of the things that I absolutely love about the III community and my readers in general is the willingness to step up to the plate to help and protect our own. It’s something that I just haven’t seen anywhere else. We band together like a pack of wolves to accomplish this. We’ve shown that like wolves, we’ll protect one another and like wolves we’ll help one another.

Last night I received an email from a Wolf among wolves. Sandman is a daily reader of this blog among others and a frequent commenter. He’s also in dire financial straits. He’s a proud man and nowhere in his note was he asking for help but he was letting a few of us know what was going on with him. Myself and a few friends that were also addressed on the email got together last night and decided amongst ourselves that a fundraiser for the Man is in order, but to be honest with you we feared that he wouldn’t accept the help – like I said, he’s got this hillbilly pride thing going on. Sam Kerodin got ahold of him last night and then contacted me this morning letting me know Sandman has put aside his pride and is willing to put his family first and accept our help.

I’ve never met Sandman face to face and the only reason for that is distance, but let me tell what I feel he’ll be comfortable with you knowing about him.
He’s one of the strongest Patriots I know. Sandman has been involved in the Patriot and Militia movement and stood for the Republic for over 20 years and has been the Commanding Officer of the Ohio Valley Minutemen Militia for nearly a decade. That in itself is no easy feat – Patriots tend to be very independent and I can imagine at times it’s been like herding cats. But let me tell you something about the respect this Wolf commands among his men: His command is an elected position, not an appointed one. That goes to show how much he cares for his men and more importantly how much his men think of him. He’s trained them and helped to equip them to be ready for any situation that might arise. I know his men are doing what they can for him but right now his needs are more than they can handle.
Sandman has never failed to offer his support where it was needed in the name of Liberty, showing that he’s the type that will always run to the sound of the guns.

Now is the time for us to give him some support. I’m asking that you dig out a few bucks and send it to him. I emptied out my paypal account for him last night myself – it wasn’t much but it’s what I had to spare. Again, let me emphasize this: he wasn’t asking for help but we recognized his needs and decided to do this for him.

Please, if you have it to spare, let us help this man out. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. His paypal account is below:

If you don’t have a paypal account but would like to help, send the funds to my PO box and I’ll give you my word of Honor as a Patriot and Gentleman (okay, I’ll admit the gentleman part was pushing it) that he will get every last penny.
My address is:
Kenny Lane
PO box 1996
Ceres CA

Sam’s link HERE with paypal buttons to make it easier.

Angel’s link HERE

And a note from WiscoDave (written before we got Sandman’s permission to go public with his name):

“III, Patriots, friends. We have a situation with one of our own. This is serious and serious help is needed. One of our own has encountered troubles that needs us all to come together to aid him and his family.
Unfortunately more details can’t be given for a variety of reasons, OPSEC being one. He is not a stranger to you.
I realize that asking you to dig as deep as you can, possibly more deeply than you ever have, without details is asking a lot.
Trust is a hard thing to come by these days with more than a few willing to snipe down any idea or request not their own and suspicions of motive abounding.
This is not a request that comes easy; in fact the intended recipient has said he would not ask for this help but will accept it.
I wish I could tell you more – but I can’t. The details are known to a small few and we all are in agreement that this needs doing. We have committed our resources, all we are asking is that you do likewise.
This has not been an easy post to write. The situation brings pain to my heart. Asking you for your trust is something I do not take lightly.
III to III has meaning.
“So does Brother to Brother.
As does Friend to Friend.”


I will repost this tomorrow to make sure it’s seen by all.
Thank you one and all.

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5 Responses to For Sandman – III to III (reposted)

  1. anonymous says:

    Thanks for the information – some funds via your generous offer enroute in today’s mail. You IIIpers rock.

  2. USMC_to_III says:

    Done…III to III

  3. Hillbilly says:

    Thanks Wirecutter, III percent did not/would not say what this was for, or how to proceed without paypal. Sending something today.III to III.

  4. Highlander says:

    Sent a bit his way!


  5. Rod says:

    Wish I could do more.

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