STASI in Kalifornia

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10 Responses to STASI in Kalifornia

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Yeah. Just imagine one or more of your exes able to hold this over your head.

  2. Sarthurk says:

    Time to leave, man! Not like I’m inviting another Kalifornicator up to Oregon, but what the hell, A bunch of y’all are already up here anyway.

  3. livin to ride says:

    use the system against itself when it passes
    all you need to do is fill out forms on all police and others in state gov
    each one would be a new case so it should flood the system with their own people
    if they won’t enforce it against their own – tell them to go get fucked
    and let the games begin

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Kenny;
    I had already blogged about it a few days ago, it basically gives the government carte blanche to screw you over “all in the name of safety”. All it takes from what I read on PoliceOne was a family, intimate partner or friend can call the police and they can get a judge to seize all your guns. Watch the exodus from Cali increase…

  5. Bartman says:

    The 1st ! 2nd! AND 4th!! that is insanity! these people that vote these traders in are the same that will make the first calls to the police turning in their dads, uncles and sons and don’t forget the ever so awesome moms,,wives and sisters!!!

  6. Eric says:

    The gangs out in LA must be loving all this anti-gun fuckery going on in Cali. That state’s gonna be a criminal’s wet dream before too long.

    Time to buy/build some air/water tight cache boxes and bury your non-essentials before the feds come and take them.

  7. Joe says:

    Hold your ground. Its the only thing any free man can do.

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