Officer Friendly kills man’s dog

Sent in by Jeffery with these remarks:
It would seem that if a perpetrator can be charged with a crime for killing a police dog in the line of duty, that an officer could be charged with a crime for negligently killing a dog. Or maybe this is like “hate crimes” where a white person can be charged for killing a black person, but rarely is a black ever charged for killing a white. It is just a matter of time before chickenshit morons such as ozzifer Olson kill the wrong persons dog, beat the wrong kid, strip naked the wife. mother, grandmother or daughter of some guy who says, “enough is enough” and does what Henry Bowman would do. This guy who lost his dog is pitiful, but he managed to handle it better than I would have. He got some good video. I’m certain some lawyer will sue hell out of the department and I hope he gets enough to retire (although he seems like the kind of guy who had much rather have his dog than all the Gold that used to be in Ft. Knox). The trouble is the taxpayers will be the one who covers the check the city gets to write in the end. They need to make the officers personally responsible for their actions. Instead ozzifer Olson will get a paid vacation while the matter is investigated. The the hot blond police chick in the foreground of the video will read some bullshit statement saying how ozzifer Olson followed department procedure, there is not evidence of any wrongdoing on his behalf, and his status will change from “administrative leave with pay” to “reinstated”. It has to stop.

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15 Responses to Officer Friendly kills man’s dog

  1. Boone says:

    It’s about time everyone learned a little Latin: “Nemo me impune lacessit.”

  2. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    I hope every single one of these Oathbreakers gets his just reward at the hands of his victims tribe. Payback is gonna be a real mutherfukr!
    And I hope names are being collected for Christmas cards later on.

  3. Hillbilly says:

    Puppycide…goggle it. I gotta warn ya, there’s a lot killing going on and it ain’t the cops getting it. Can anybody tell me the last time a cop got killed by a dog?What do ya say we all kick down a couple of bucks and send officer friendly an all expense paid trip to N Korea, I’m sure kim jon whatshisfuck dogs are hungry.

  4. livin to ride says:

    whats sad is people thinking these holier than thou actions are something new
    i remember the cops doing this very thing in the late 70’s
    it might posibly be to see if they can get someone to stand up to them so they can shoot them down like their dog
    probly makes them feel like a big man too

  5. livin to ride says:

    check this out – it a happy ending
    unless a cop shows up

  6. Spiro says:

    Watched up to the part where he started, walking to the back yard, did not want to see a dead dog, while writing this my Jack Russell Neelix, ran up to sit on my lap. Why don’t people have the balls to beat the shit out of the police. the coppers seem not to give a shit that the mans dog was shot, or that they trespassed.

  7. madminute says:

    fuck that shit…. kill my mutt, I bring the war to your fucking doorstep cocksucker!

    • Falcon says:

      I will be right behind you madminute fuck with my dog and I guarantee someday you are going to have a very very bad day.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Yeah, I think everybody knows how I feel about my dogs. You better be good at quick target acquisition if you want to take a shot at CharlieGodammit and Legal Lucy.

  8. Long range solutions folks. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

  9. Jefferson Paine says:

    And the pot steadily goes from simmer to boil.

  10. Alex says:

    The usual all talk no action typical of so called Patriots. This guy was a punk, all badassery. If push came to shove I’d take those cops not this snivelling punk, he’s probably in law school.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And as long as you’re bitching about ‘so-called’ Patriots doing nothing, what have you done?
      Just as I thought, not a fucking thing.
      Fuck you.

    • Jack Crabb says:

      Why are you even here, Alex? My guess is that you are one of the pussy-assed bitches in a magic blue costume.

      NWA had it right. And if you are such an uptight, panties-up-your-pussy whitey, I’ll spell it out for you, Alex: Fuck Tha Police.

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