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Madam Botox on the border issue

Saturday at a press conference from the Rio Grande Valley, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discussed her tour of a border holding facility and addressed the humanitarian crisis of thousands unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, which she called a … Continue reading

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Barney Fife meets Delta Force

Historians looking back at this period in America’s development will consider it to be profoundly odd that at the exact moment when violent crime hit a 50-year low, the nation’s police departments began to gear up as if the country … Continue reading

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Methinks China?

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Drunk chicks – gotta love ’em

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The Death of Lady Liberty

Execution by James Jarrett Her hair has been shorn Her face cut and bruised Her flowing gown torn The beauty once in her eyes Faded Drone strikes Warrant less searches Roadblocks and pat downs Eaves dropping Secret eyes and ears … Continue reading

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Massachusetts SWAT teams tell the public to get fucked

As part of the American Civil Liberties Union’s recent report on police militarization, the Massachusetts chapter of the organization sent open records requests to SWAT teams across that state. It received an interesting response. As it turns out, a number … Continue reading

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Supremes ban warrantless cell phone searches

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police must obtain warrants before snooping through people’s cellphones, delivering a unanimous decision that begins to update legal understanding of privacy rules to accommodate 21st-century technology. Police agencies argued that searching through data on … Continue reading

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A message from Craig

Craig over at Keep It Simple Survival has a serious need and I’m hoping you folks can help him out. He wrote it up better than I could so I’ll just direct you over to his site. HERE

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The real reason that senile old bitch wants our guns

Why does Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) seem almost obsessed with taking firearms away from you and me? What’s the reason for her to do this? To understand her thinking, we’ll have to take a trip down memory lane, and when … Continue reading

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A real man would’ve left the stingers on.  

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Something ain’t quite right here…

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Straight-up White Trash, God bless ’em


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Wanna see how racist we are? Link sent in by WiscoDave

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If you ain’t with us, you’re against us.

I’m going to say something that’s gonna shock the fuck out of you. I don’t patronize gun shops. None. Ever. Period. I haven’t bought a gun from a gunshop since the 1980s and I haven’t bought anything else from them … Continue reading

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From the left wing media:

Here is a truth so fundamental that it should be self-evident: When legitimately constituted state authority stands down in the face of armed threats, the very foundation of the republic is in danger. And yet that is exactly what happened … Continue reading

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BLM man threatened

After two armed men threatened a Bureau of Land Management wrangler on Tuesday in western Utah, workers are removing BLM logos from their vehicles to help avoid additional incidents, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on Thursday. The wrangler was driving … Continue reading

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Nobody ever claimed the boy was bright

When it comes to criminals and the stupid things they do, this one is right up there. A 26-year-old Minnesota man has been tracked down by police after leaving his Facebook profile logged in at a house he allegedly robbed. … Continue reading

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DHS seeks 42,000 pair of chonies

El Paso, Texas (CBS HOUSTON) – The Department of Homeland Security is looking to fulfill an order for thousands of pairs of men’s underwear – with hundreds of the requested men’s briefs in the 5X and 6X-large sizes. A solicitation … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight

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