Watch out ya don’t step on a cactus

The rainfall year that ends Monday looks to be the 10th-driest in the 125 years on record for Modesto.

The final numbers are not in for the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which supplies much of the Northern San Joaquin Valley’s water, but they almost certainly will be even worse than the rain total.

The Modesto Irrigation District has recorded 7.19 inches in its downtown rain gauge in the year that started last July 1. Hot, dry weather is forecast for today, so count on that total to stick.

The figure is 59 percent of the historical average of 12.19 inches but better than the worst year on record – 4.3 inches in 1912-13.

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3 Responses to Watch out ya don’t step on a cactus

  1. cav medic says:

    From Breitbart: Two short must see videos.

    Far too often, we hear the defeatist talk about being unable to put a “face” on the enemy, of not being able to get up close and personal with them, nose to nose.
    Well, here it is, the Greyhound Corporation.
    Without question, we all have them easily reachable in all of our AO’s.

  2. livin to ride says:

    hmm a long read but it makes you think

  3. Sara says:

    While up here we are kayaking to work…

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