Where’s my free shit, yo?

DETROIT (WWJ) – Several people protested outside the Detroit Water And Sewerage Department building Thursday, saying customers are having service cut off at an alarming rate and the practice is inhumane.
Organizer David Bullock with the Change Agent Consortium says the water department is going after customers that may be as little as $150 delinquent and says the department ignores large corporations which are behind.
“People always want to attack the poor … why are we attacking poor people?” he asked.

City of Detroit Water And Sewerage Department Deputy Director, Darryl Latimer, said every account corporate or private is treated the same, adding that the water department does what they can to work with those who come forward and address their hardship situation.
“The majority of our customers (who) are in delinquency status, they just built a culture of ’You’re not making me pay— I am not going to pay’,” said Latimer.
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5 Responses to Where’s my free shit, yo?

  1. kennymac says:

    Meanwhile those of us in the rest of Metro Detroit are getting hosed with annual rate increases that are breaking the budget. But they need to raise taxes for the roads. Enough already motherfuckers!

    • Cujo says:

      Kennymac, I;m in the Detroit area also, I talked to Lansing and only 20% of our current Mi. gas taxes go to roads. The other 80% is diverted to God knows what! Repair the roads yes, increase the Mi. gas tax, no!

  2. NewVegasBadger says:

    I suppose the concept of paying for what you use is beyond them; or if you make a promise, or a agree to a contract, that you keep your promise and keep your end of the contract. Let me guess, they are going to say that because their ancestors were once slaves and everybody and everything is racist, they are entitled to free stuff.

  3. Mile High says:

    I’m a water nazi for the city of modesto water dept. People still have cigarettes, bad ass cars out front , and empty vizio tv boxes laying by their garbage cans but can’t seem to keep the water on. No sympathy. Pay your fkn water bill.

  4. I managed private, investor owned water/wastewater utilities for years. I always said that today’s past due customer was tomorrow’s bad debt. In other words, if your bill was past due, as described by the regulatory agency, you were disconnected at the earliest day allowable. Period, end of story.

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