So go the fuck back home, Saul.

WASHINGTON (WNEW) — A 15-year-old immigrant from El Salvador testified before a congressional panel Tuesday claiming that he was mistreated by border officials.
The teen identified as Saul told the Congressional Progressive Caucus during an ad-hoc hearing that his time at a border detention facility was “horrible,” describing it as “the worst experience” of his life after the unaccompanied minor crossed the border illegally in April.
“I walked 30 minutes to the immigration station where I was placed in a big room with 200 children aged 10 and up,” Saul told the caucus. “The room was very cold, I was shivering the whole time. There weren’t any beds. They gave us nylon which barely kept us warm and they gave us cold ham sandwiches twice a day. I was very hungry because it wasn’t enough food.”

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16 Responses to So go the fuck back home, Saul.

  1. Aaron says:

    “Poor me! I wasn’t taken care of like Obama said I would be!” Go die somewhere of TB or something.

  2. hiswiserangel says:

    Saul, you ignorant twat, I don’t know what Obama told you, but there are American citizens, some are Veterans, who would be grateful for the shelter and sandwiches. And they’ve EARNED it. So do us all a favor, and take your whiny entitled ass back to El Salvador.

  3. Falcon says:

    I agree with Aaron. Gop back home and take the rest of the little and big pukes back home. We sure don’t want you. While your at it take the one in the White House with ya.

  4. poor wee chap,surely a new cadillac and a million or so as compensation would do.

  5. angeleyes says:

    That lil bitch hasn’t been to a DMV yet.

  6. Cheesy says:

    Shoulda thought about that before you made the trip greaseball.
    You and your kind are not welcome. We already have enough problems.

  7. AZRon says:

    Would I be out of line if I stated that I wish every illegal alien (including anchor babies) dropped dead tomorrow?

    I’d rather have a badger in the broom closet than a barrio by the bay.

  8. Eric says:

    EVERY other fucking nation on the planet has a secure border. WHY THE FUCK CAN’T WE?

    I get it. Businesses need their cheap fucking labor, rich folks need their maids and gardeners, and the Left needs their life-long voters, But AMERICA doesn’t need ANY OF IT! Has no one in power EVER looked at fucking Mexico? Like REALLY looked? Not at the nice expensive vacation spots, but the rest of the place? Its a FUCKING SLUM, full of death, poverty, destruction. It’s a hell hole.

    What the hell do they think will happen when Illegals & their anchor babies out-number the citizens? AMERICA BECOMES THE SAME FUCKING HELL HOLE!

    Stop the bullshit, stop the talk of fences. BUILD A FUCKING WALL like they have in Israel. Stick our National Guard on it with orders to pick off anyone trying to get through illegally. Then deport ALL illegals. They broke our law, they have NO RIGHTS here, nor any RIGHT to be here. We don’t need or want them here! Do it legal or die.

  9. Jack Crabb says:

    I guess you should have stayed home, huh, you little fucker.

  10. DAN III says:

    Go the fuck back where you came from you effing ingrate.

    While I’m at it….Fuck soetoro-obama, fuck Pelosi, fuck Biden, fuck the Clintons, fuck John McCain, fuck John Boehner, fuck Mike Kelly, fuck Ted Cruz…..damn, I better quit M-F’ing the scoundrels. Taking up too much bandwidth.

    • danielkday says:

      And fuck the business owners who say they “need” illegals, and fuck the traitorous legislatures who create closed-shop states that give cover to the traitorous business owners.

  11. The article kept calling him a immigrant. What a bunch of PC bullshit. He’s a fucking illegal border jumping alien. Call a spade a spade. They should be putting them on Air Force jets and flying them back to their home countries. We got veterans in this country that are homeless and hungry, we should be taking care of them first. It’s funny, we don’t have the money for veterans, but they have plenty of money for the takers and the wetbacks.

  12. Marty says:

    I guess he would be better back with his family then, Who woulda thunk!

  13. Dan O says:

    Oh Saul, please stop. I need a hanky now. To stuff in your mouth to shut you the fuck up.

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