Guess which girl will never drown


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8 Responses to Guess which girl will never drown

  1. Kennymac says:

    Guess what the other girl wants for Christmas?

  2. livin to ride says:

    guess which one i think is prettier

  3. hiswiserangel says:

    Guess which girl will die of suffocation when she rolls onto her back?

    • Not to mention when she’s bent in half with her ankles behind her ears…

      There are some positions–sleeping and otherwise–that simply don’t work for me anymore, after having breastfed two children.

      • hiswiserangel says:

        HH, when was the last time you “slept” jackknifed with your ankles behind your ears? Hmmmm?
        Gravity and breastfeeding took care of the suffocating mountains of mammory, now it’s more likely that I’ll roll over on one of them in my sleep.

  4. Hillbilly says:

    Coastguard Approved? I think they are inflatable.

  5. madminute says:

    I love bewbs!

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