I told you cops are pussies at heart


Either as a result of their hyper-acute sense of smell, or an instinctive ability to decipher behavioral cues, dogs have an uncanny ability to detect fear. Owing to the relentless indoctrination they undergo regarding the primacy of “officer safety” and the supposedly all-encompassing threat environment in which they operate, cops exude a dense musk of fear that dogs can probably detect. This might help explain why casual encounters between dogs and cops frequently end with the dog being shot and left to die.

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  1. MM says:

    My male GSD is well a pretty typical GSD male, that is he’s very protective of me and my bitch and kinda tweaky. That being said, he is 100% under my voice control(well maybe 98%) and I hope to the good Lord above he is never shot because I have a hair trigger anger and it’d be over before I knew it.

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