Jerry Miculek

I love this guy. He is unarguably the best handgun shot alive today. Watch him bust a balloon at 1000 (that’s right, one THOUSAND yards) with a revolver.

Man, I wish I had his muscle and trigger control.

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  1. Brighid says:

    I love his enthusiasm!

  2. Dave in Indiana says:

    Are you sure there wasn’t someone down range with a BB gun?

  3. buzz1949 says:

    This was wonderful! I commend his ability and his modesty. I wish I had his talent. I would love to be next to him in a gunfight.

  4. madminute says:

    is he using moon clips?

  5. Cederq says:

    I practice enough to effect my monthly budget and I wish I could shoot out to hundred yards with my revolvers and semi autos as this guy, what a hell’va talent!

  6. b says:

    If you look, he hits the plate and the spatter breaks the balloon.

    Now, having said this, I mean no disparagement of his skill. Few enough of us could hit the freakin *PLATE* at 1000 yards.

    • Timbo says:

      Hell, on a 500 yard hole on a golf course, I can’t even see the flag!
      How he can even see that plate, never mind hitting it, is beyond me.

  7. gamegetterII says:

    The guy is unbelievable-I’ve been watching make shots that I could never come close to making for years.
    He’s featured on the Impossible Shots show on Outdoor channel a lot.
    Never get tired of watching him,plus he’s won a bunch of 3 gun competitions lately.
    His wife and daughter both shoot in competition too.
    Bob Munden was another great handgun shot,he passed away a year or two ago.

    These guys shoot every day-wish I could afford the ammo to shoot every day !
    Maybe after ten years or so-I could make a few of the shots Jerry makes.

  8. Dude’s my hero. His rapid fire stuff is a joy to behold. I saw him many years ago at an IDPA competition, and you just stood there with your mouth open! Amazing stuff.

  9. drjim says:

    The first time I saw him do the speed shooting with a revolver I was stunned.

    Sounded like it was on full auto!

  10. Charlie says:

    I saw a video of his where he showed a few tips toward shooting a pistol more effectively.
    He had slow-motion of him trying his best and of him just being sloppy like most of us.
    The slo-mo showed that there was quite a bit of difference in muzzle movement between the two techniques.
    I tried 2 of them (simple little things) and actually did improve my accuracy.

    And the speed shooting… that guy’s not even human.

  11. oswaldbastable says:

    Crap!- I thought I was doing OK to hit a 1/2 sized buffalo silhouette at 200 with my Walker Colt!

  12. MM says:

    That is incredible

  13. Greg B says:

    I’ve been watching Miculek for a long time. Guy is awesome.
    Loved Tom Knapp too. Sad to see that guy pass.

  14. Hillbilly says:

    I have to say he is better than me…..cept I ‘m using my 30.06….oh and it ain’t no thouie, maybe 650-700 yards, a 36in circle and it’s been a few years.
    On a different note….I was just in my garden a few minutes ago, fucking deer are enjoying the hell out of the tomato plants..I yell at them to get out and what do you know…Two forkedhorn little fuckers looking as if their gonna run me off. I nailed one with a dirt clod in the ear.
    Beat that Jerry.

  15. Fireguy says:

    Jerry is one of my all time favorite pro shooters. He still has the enthusiasm of a kid when he is doing demonstrations and trying impossible shots. Look for the one where he blows up a gallon can of corn with a S&W 500 pistol. It is hilarious. Thanks for posting this one.

  16. DAN III says:

    I wish I had his eyesight.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Long range shooting is all about muscle control. That muzzle wavers 1/100 of an inch at 1000 yards and you’ve got a wide miss. I played with long range handgun shooting (at about half the distance and twice the target size) in my youth. I got to where I could hit a red painted 55 gallon drum at 500 yards with a modified 41 magnum 6 shots out of 6, but it took a lot of work.

      • Grandpa says:

        +1… “long range shooting is all about muscle control”. I’ve been a Miculek fan for years, and after scout/sniper school, and Wittington… I can say that what Jerry does is very impressive indeed. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, and I don’t have the ammo budget, but I can still ring steel.
        God bless…

  17. woodsterman says:

    Every time I think I’m doing great somebody throws another unbelievable challenge out there. I couldn’t even see the target.

  18. Tom RKBA says:

    The bullet did not strike the balloon. Go look at the impact mark versus the balloon. Splatter or the richocet took it out. Hitting the steel plate was impressive.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Considering he said he had to hold 75 to 80 yards above it.

    • Grandpa says:

      One thousand yards. Three thousand feet… let’s remember 5th grade.
      5,280 feet is a fucking mile.
      1,320 feet is a fucking quarter mile.
      Three thousand feet is farther than you can hit fuck all anything. But I understand.

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