If I had a million bucks…..

home sweet home

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14 Responses to If I had a million bucks…..

  1. Jason says:

    Any idea where this is? Wondering about lake/river level rising, etc.

  2. ToneDeaf says:

    The only thing that would make that place cooler is off grid solar and 1″ armor plating on the interior of the snipers nest on top!

  3. cryptical says:


    Upstate New York, I’m going to guess over a million bucks.

    • Junke Male says:

      That was my guess w/the stone wall shoreline and adirondack inspired architecture. My guess though is that this is just the boathouse. The main ‘cabin’ is the 4000sq ft log home up the hill.

      • bobdog says:

        Probably owned by Michael Moore, Champion of the Working Man.

        Heard he’s holding Princess Leia hostage out in the desert someplace.

  4. spartan181 says:

    There are a few spots here in Michigan, Channel Islands and whatnot in the north country… Island homesteads… visit just google private islands for sale’ some have space and a spot for floatplanes.. zip in and zip out of shit gets froggy.

  5. Dean Carder says:

    Really a million bucks? Is it located in Cashylvania?

  6. Miss Lisa says:

    I know a place in TN….that it won’t cost nearly as much……let’s go baby.

  7. Sara says:

    Minnesota is full of places like that and they aren’t a million bucks. :)

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