Probably got tired of folks laughing at her ugly ass

NEW YORK — Chelsea Clinton said Friday she is quitting her job as a reporter at NBC News, citing increased work at the Clinton Foundation and the imminent birth of her first child.

Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s daughter had been working at the network since 2011, sporadically doing feature stories on people or organizations doing public-spirited work. Politico magazine reported earlier this year that NBC was paying her $600,000 a year.

“I loved watching the ‘Making a Difference’ stories about remarkable people and organizations making a profound difference in our country and our world,” Clinton said in a statement posted on her Facebook page. “I am grateful NBC gave me the opportunity to continue this important legacy.”

She was initially hired to do stories for Brian Williams’ “Rock Center” newsmagazine, but that program was canceled. Her work occasionally appeared on NBC’s “Nightly News.”
MORE in the off chance you’re actually interested.


Tell me she doesn’t look like a fucking horse.


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21 Responses to Probably got tired of folks laughing at her ugly ass

  1. A no show job has work?

  2. gamegetterII says:

    I think I got an extra feed bag around here somewhere…

  3. Grog says:

    gamegetter, I’ll send ya 50 pounds of oats, that horse has an appetite.

  4. Roger says:

    If she were to tie her ponytail in the front of her head, the resemblance to a horse would be complete. That is the south end of a north bound horse.

  5. sevesteen says:

    Eh, she just looks ordinary instead of plastic surgery TV perfect. Don’t care what she looks like, and it isn’t looks that will make me vote against her mother if I get the chance.

  6. JimB says:

    If I was a horse I still wouldn’t bang it. She’s enough to make a strap-on go limp.

  7. Jackhammer says:

    Baby? You mean somebody screwed that?

  8. madminute says:

    fuckin Mogley!

  9. dogpigcat says:

    So how much booze does it take to stick the light pole in that socket? She is a 2 O’Clock fox for sure. Or maybe just Coyote Ugly.
    “The girls all get prettier at closing time”

  10. Cederq says:

    Hey! I’d hate fuck her!

  11. daryl says:

    Looks like something that Monica would spit out

  12. ignore amos says:

    Worse yet, She looks like a young version of her mom. 600G’s for what?

  13. Risky Whiskey says:

    I hope the baby has two heads…one eye…and is as black as fitty-cent.

  14. idahobob says:

    Yup, looks like something that Bill has been fucking for years.


  15. Bootmaker says:

    thats an insult to horses

  16. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Personally, I think she looks more like Miss Piggy. I have way more respect for ugly horses.

  17. redbear762 says:


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