This shit is getting old already

All day today I had mexicans coming up and asking “Jesu Christo, weel ju please forgive me of my sins?”
My answer every time: “Go to hell.”

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13 Responses to This shit is getting old already

  1. Sara says:
    So… not forgiving them then? Heheheeh
  2. Tetzman says:
    Oh You poor sufferin Bastard! At least they’re not tryin to rob you…
  3. Dan says:
    Hey…..if you’re gonna wear the costume might as well play the part.
  4. Grog says:
    Camo sheets would probably confuse them, but wearing a toga would get more sarcasm. Try wearing a cowboy hat and ray bans, they might think you’re Hank Jr.
  5. madminute says:
    wear a hat!
    • Wirecutter says:
      Not in the summer, Brother. I keep my shit tied back when it’s hot, or I wear a cowboy straw hat but if I wear that at work I get real tired of everybody hollering YEE-HAWWWWW at me.
  6. rightwingterrorist says:
    Perhaps instead you should take on the mantle of Jesu Christo the money lender scourger.
    I recommend carrying a bullwhip.
  7. millerized says:
    I was gonna mention the JC look…but guess you’d have heard it enough by now.
  8. hiswiserangel says:
    Next he’ll have his mug on the Mexican saint candles at the flea market.
  9. Bootmaker says:
    not to worry jesu,
    just remind them that the chuch requires a substantial donation for annointed entry into the hereafter.
    wheres yer spirit of opportunism ?

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