For those wanting to know my position on the Ferguson mess

Saw this today over at Western Rifles Shooters Assn and it pretty much nails it.

Well, I have been trying to lay low on this thing for a while, because I knew as soon of all the breathless reports started about Michael Brown’s death, more facts – and let’s stress that, FACTS – would come to light that would blow the immediate narrative right out of the water. The initial collision between alleged lawbreaker and law enforcer is of little consequence to me, because criminals and cops collide daily. It is the inevitable aftermath caused by cultural sicknesses that are now embedded in several groups of assholes that I want to discuss.

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10 Responses to For those wanting to know my position on the Ferguson mess

  1. IvyMikeCafe says:

    Wirecutter – thanks for the link, sir. Cheers!

  2. Cheesy says:

    Yep, there’s definitely enough blame to go around.

  3. Doug Williamd says:

    best fucking thing I’ve read in a long time, he needs to fucking run for office somewhere

  4. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the link and spot on.

  5. nwolddude says:

    Right on! Excellent piece.
    Ivy Mike Cafe for President.

  6. anonymous says:

    A lot of good old common sense there, thank you for the link to it. One upside to this – the militarization of US police force is FINALLY being questioned in the media. They were basically ignoring it.

    Like John McClain movie character said, “WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!”

  7. Bootmaker says:

    Yes ideed, an excellent article….right up to the part about Carolina BBQ is best.
    The main culprits in ferguson are the media and the outside race-baiting agitaters( al sharpton, the revrum jacksun, et al ), and of course the dumb asses.
    In this instance i cant fault the cops.not even for the tear gas n apc’s.
    i know, i know, next time it could be me.
    Sorry, but NO. it absolutely wont be me.
    you wont find me out protesting. especialy during a curfew.
    everyone of these imbeciles that got arrested, or rifle-butted in the teeth, or maced ,got what they deserved.

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