Those damned Hmong…..


My ex The Evil One managed an apartment complex before we got together, right about the time the US brought in a lot of the Yards and Hmong that fought for us during Vietnam and she was telling me that within a week after they started moving in they had to replace every oven because they were building fires inside the ovens to cook their food.

My experiences with them were different. I worked with the homeless and poor people for a few years and was involved with a church that handed out holiday boxes (a turkey, ham, spuds, vegetables etc) at Christmas. I pulled into another church parking lot where Pastor Wayne worked with these folks. I was driving a pick-up and a 20 foot trailer loaded with the boxes. There was a platoon of these men standing in a military formation, their headman barked an order and that fucking truck and trailer was unloaded by the time I put out my cigar and climbed out.
Those guys rocked. It would’ve taken anybody else an hour to unload and half the shit would’ve been stolen. Not only that but from then on I couldn’t walk down any street in that neighborhood without being stopped and invited to one of their homes for a meal and some rice wine.
When they found out Pops was a Vietnam Vet three times over, they had to meet him too. By the time he got finished drinking rice wine with them I had to pour him into my truck to take him home, as if I was any shape to do that. I was just as fucked up as he was but at least I had more recent practice driving drunk.

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  1. Wraith says:

    There’s a major Hmong community in Minneapolis, and they’re welcome additions to the American melting pot. They might take a bit to get up to speed on American technology, but their culture embodies some of the best qualities of the human race.

    So of course, the leftard fuckheads that run the state had to nullify that by letting a bunch of Somali Muslims in. You can guess how that shit’s going. Reason #807,546,974,328 why I left…

  2. hiswiserangel says:

    I’m going to stop asking you to compile a book, I’m just going to start collecting your best posts. I’ll organize them into chapters, you can write an intro to each, explanations, foot notes, add or subtract; but I swear to God and all that’s Holy, it will be done before I die.
    And y’all can pitch in with your favorite stories.
    “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Wirecutter”

  3. Sarthurk says:

    I rented a room in a big old house that was previously rent by some orientals. There was on old gas stove. I didn’t even bother having the gas turned on. The stove was covered in congealed cooking oil. I lived off a hot plate and an electric frying pan. It took me 4 hours to clean the bathroom to even a bachelors standards. Glad to have left that dive. Cheap rent though.

  4. Jeff says:

    Nice story. Some here in Texas and we are better off for it. Now if the fn Yankees will stop coming in we’ll be fine.
    Cruz 16

    • pjrae54 says:

      Hey! I’m a (I suppose) a Yankee… no, I can’t say it. I’m from Boston and I’d like nothing better than to relocate to a state like Texas. You try living up here with these dipshits. If I manage to get down that way I’ll have worked on my drawl and you’ll never know.

  5. carson rader says:

    I live in so tx in a moderate hood with diverse race Caucasian that’s me ,asians, Mexicans and one black, maybe 12 house on the block and the quietest, hardest working, and neatest house on outside and yards belong to the viets!!! it is only language that keeps them hard to get to know!!
    And as far as the Yankees (winter Texans for the most part) they do more for our community than the locals.

  6. Skip says:

    Hard working, tough, family first….whats not to like.
    Fuckers had my back, twice.

  7. RJ says:

    Worked with several Hmong. Hard workers. Had some for neighbors, best neighbors ever. Polite kids, mind their own business. The kids taught my boy a proper squat. I have a picture of him and two of the neighbors kids squatting around a busted bike doing a rigged up repair, knees up by their ears and asses just off the ground. Good folks.

  8. gamegetterII says:

    The Hmong people I have met were all hard workers,and very organized.
    Worked for a summer helping run a concession trailer at the county fairs in Ca.
    Some of the fairs are close together-as in you leave from one place,and have to be set up in another the next day.
    It was the move from Del Mar fair to Orange county fair in Costa Mesa when I noticed how hard these guys worked,and how organized they were.
    We only had to load our stuff up in a box truck,and pack the rest inside the concession trailer,the Hmong had plywood and 2×4 stands that they had to take apart,pack up,and re build when they got to the next fair.
    We left at about the same time as the Hmong,by the time we parked and leveled our trailer,unloaded what we needed from the box truck,and had it all set up-the Hmong were already selling food from their stands.
    They are a hard working people,there’s a small Hmong community on the west side of Cleveland Ohio,we were remodeling a couple houses,and a 3 story commercial building,one of the Hmong guys asked if we needed any laborers-those guys busted ass,finished up 2 weeks ahead of schedule,even gave the guys an even split when we got the bonus for finishing up ahead of schedule.

  9. a_random_guy says:

    Dallas was long since overrun by the damned Yankees. Here in Austin it’s the refugees from California – repeating the same mistakes turned California into a leftist disaster.

  10. drjim says:

    One of the guys I used to work with was a Ranger over in Nam, and he worked with a lot of them.

    Said he’d trust them more than most white folks…..

  11. I love reading stories about GOOD immigrants. Why can’t we invite more decent people like the Hmong instead of leaving the gates open for disease carrying Latino invaders and truckloads of African jihadists?

  12. Just more that we abandoned. Thanks.

  13. bobdog says:

    You’re an interesting guy, wirecutter, and you get better as time goes by.

    That’s a compliment, dammit.

  14. Sara says:

    Still in Mn with zero intention of leaving. And I will chime in with the other side…
    We almost all (with the exception of those damn city folks) are hunters and fishers. We know how to drill a hole in the ice and drop a line before you hit kindergarten. Hmongs got a whole heap of hell when they first started getting imported here because they’ll catch and eat anything and everything, legal or not. Fish that should be thrown back to grow (or so small they could be bait) are kept. Protected species, songbirds, you name it, it all went into the pot. And then the teenagers that had their gang problems, you were always hearing about shootings at the soccer field on the East Side over at Lake Phalen. So yeah, there was a lot of anger against them until they started following the same hunting and fishing laws that everyone else does.
    Now, of course, it’s been years since all that, but I still remember it all very well.

    As for the big “send em to Mn” of the somali’s… that’s a whole different story there.

  15. Sara says:

    Oh, and there was this, not all that long ago…
    Again, hunting problems. And this happened if I remember correctly, after there was a white guy in Wi that shot a Hmong guy, both out hunting squirrels I think. I’d have to google it to refresh my memory and I am way too lazy right now to bother.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, I remember that. I was shocked to find out they were there. I mean, who the fuck would transplant a guy from the jungle to someplace up by Alaska?

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