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One jetski could fuck up that entire scene of serenity

I know they piss me off when I’m fishing.  

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Not paying their water bills bit ’em in the ass, huh?

DETROIT (Reuters) – U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled on Monday that Detroit can continue shutting off water service to non-paying customers, saying his court does not have jurisdiction over the issue and that suspending disconnections for six months could … Continue reading

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Angel finally loses it

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Does Dennis know me or what???

Due to unseen (and temporary) circumstances these past couple weeks, I’m broke. I’m so fucking broke that if steamboats were a nickel apiece, all I could do is sit on the riverbank and say “Ain’t they purty.” I mean, there’s … Continue reading

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Thanks guys, y’all done good with Jon

I posted a video on the 26th of a cop nutting up at a vehicle checkpoint (HERE) which started a lively debate in the comments between a no-life little bitch that called himself Jon and a bunch of my readers. … Continue reading

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Afternoon titties

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Stay the fuck out of my backyard, man.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS/AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have placed strict limits on law enforcement agencies using unmanned aerial drones for surveillance. The governor’s office announced that the bill was one of more than a … Continue reading

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And you thought you were missing something

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Purty, ain’t it?

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And people wonder why I love the high country

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Absolutely fucking brilliant

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Angel’s been pushing me to write a book…..

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Meanwhile, in Kabul…..

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Chelsea’s new babysitter

Her kid needs to get used to being around criminals.  

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At least he said Happy Birthday

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Redneck Dream Catcher


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Your Good Morning Girl

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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Good thing he was already ugly

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