Facebook & password? Oh, New York. My bad…


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  1. Hey Wirecutter,


    off topic a bit….

    I got some bad news.

    There is company now making yoga pants that promises to make the ‘camel toe disappear’


    • Leigh says:

      Thanks for ruining my day Cap’ !

      Back on topic –
      That was down in Niskayuna, and the top cop down there is back-tracking and tap-dancing his friggin’ ass off! Saying it was mistake, and completely voluntary to divulge your password. Bullshit! He got caught and he does what every statist SOB does – lie and deflect! Fuck-em all!
      It’s getting so I hate this state more every day. But, it’s my home and I’m going to dig in my heels and defend it to the last…….no matter how much shit “lineman” gives me for staying here ;-} .
      Besides the bastards are every where. There is no place that is safe. Better to make your stand on familiar ground, than to bumble around a foreign AO getting in the way.

      Live Free or Die, my friends!

      Whitehall, NY

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