Try claiming that on your insurance, dumbass.


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6 Responses to Try claiming that on your insurance, dumbass.

  1. dumbplumber says:

    As a former volunteer fireman, this warms my heart. Beemer Asshat.

  2. pdwalker says:

    sometimes you only learn from your mistakes.

  3. Tom says:

    Six point buck dove through my driver side window once, car was parked. Trashed the inside then exited out the passenger side. Insurance co sent out an adjuster lol, who didn’t believe it until I showed him the inside of the car replete with deer blood, hair and destruction. The phone convo was pure comedy. They asked me how fast the car was moving 3 times lol.

  4. Unclezip says:

    I’ve seen this done before, to a Mercedes. In that instance, they broke every window, even the windshield, so that they could have “unfettered access”.

  5. Crotalus says:

    Karma wins again!

  6. Sail Man says:

    Gotta love that pic. Never got a chance to do that while working fire but I did have some asshole refuse to pull out of our way while responding on the freeway to a fuel spill. Took his drivers side mirror clean off with the engine. Fool pulled over when he got to the scene to complain to the state boys and file a report. Trooper told him he was fine with that, but he would also have to ticket the driver for fail to yield to an emergency vehicle. Driver got in his car and off he went in search of a new mirror :)

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