Quick, which one?

The hot one in the black bikini or the stick girl?

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44 Responses to Quick, which one?

  1. The one tossing the football

  2. Big___Al says:

    Left; not the fatty.

  3. Stretch says:

    I’m taken both!
    Or at least could in my prime.

  4. The hot athletic one on the left. The one that will still have perky tits in 20 years and not balloon out.

  5. bill says:

    What the fuck I say both, you only live once. We all might have to go to the hospital me for a heart attack and them to relocate their hips. Tee hee

  6. X says:

    Any of them, except the dude in the back I’m not too picky. The one in black does look like a lot of fun.

  7. Grog says:

    The girl on the left holding the football.

  8. JSW says:

    I’ll take Stick Girl. The one in black is wayyyyy too chunky to be hot, unless you mean the sunburn.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Or, the one built for comfort or the one built for speed…

  10. Joe says:

    Never got to play patty cake with a stick girl. Would love the opportunity!

  11. Jack58 says:

    Football girl about to lob the ball like a shotput? Naah..The Baby-fat future harpooned walrus? Of course..The toned Babe with nice breasts? Absolutely the pick of the three.
    But at my age I’d probably fuck a rockpile if I thought there was a snake under it…

  12. Milo Mindbender says:

    Asking whether you want to drive a reasonably sporty, decently preserved ford maverick, or cruise in a 1980 thunderbird.
    Either can be fun, and both will get you to where you want to be, but one has potential for high speeds, and thrills while the other is just plain old easy to drive, and acceptable for plebeian service.
    “Stick Girl” looks like a fairly wild ride, the one in black looks easy to please and to bed as well.

  13. Bx says:

    BOTH look like there is ZILCH going on upstairs. Probably lots of luggage as well.

    Next time give us something to choose from.

    • Neil R says:

      That reminds me of a line from Trevanian’s “Loo Sanction”. It was something like; “Tits are great but eventually you have to talk, and I’ve never met a pair of tits that could do it.”

  14. Inbredredneck says:

    Gotta be the one in black. Women are supposed to look like women, not scrawny teenaged boys. I’m in it for the long run, so give me the bagger, not the hardtail.

  15. Tsquared says:

    I need more info. Which one has the best control over her gag reflex?

  16. madminute says:

    I like them all, robust or tiny…even the odd fatty cuz they usually put in 110%! HUZZAH!

  17. Angel says:

    This is why so many “middle-aged fatties” become cougars. Men our age are lusting after young, dumb stick girls who have no passion or adventure; while middle-aged fatties like me, who are done bearing kids and ready to explore and have fun end up with pups who can do it all night; they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but they can do it all night. Middle-aged fatties also are more financially stable (not looking for a sugar daddy) and know how to make a right proper sammich. While I would prefer a mature, well-seasoned man with a wild streak, if I have to settle for a young ‘un, so be it.

  18. Lisa says:

    Huh….now if I were pickin, I’d go for the one in the black bikini. Stick girl’s belly tat is the Christian fish with the word “faith” incorporated.
    I do have to agree with Angel.

  19. Nic says:

    By far..girl on right!!

  20. singlestack says:

    I’m not into fat chicks (the one in black is going to be a zeppelin when she’s 40) so the stick girl is the hot one to me.
    Whichever one you like, they both need to get the scrapyards out of their damn bellybuttons.

  21. Dan says:

    Is this for pumpin and dumpin or long term girlfriendin. The one in black is ok for short term but could balloon up real fast. The other is a bit skinny but could probably ride you like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. But the safest bet for long term prognostication is to get a gander at mama. If mama is fat and dumpy odds are the girl will end up that way and if mama is in good shape chances are the girl will take care of herself….no guarantees but it’s likely the best single predictor.

  22. Mike says:

    Stick girl! The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat.

  23. skidmark says:

    Nobody else gets the notion that it’s a mother-daughter team?

    OK, so I’m a dirty old man. At least I admit it.

    stay safe.

  24. pdwalker says:

    Short term? Both would be a blast. Long term? Add 50 lbs and stick girl would still look better.

  25. Just Saying says:

    Gotta go with the thinner one… Women with tattoos want to be ridden like a pony, and will always come back for more.

  26. megan says:

    Fat???? The only thing fat on her are her tits which are beautiful even though I’m not on her team

  27. A better question is:” Which one first?”

  28. Sara says:

    I can not even believe the number of men thinking that ANY of them are fat, or that are implying that because the gal on the right is more filled out that means that she is going to get heavier. To each their own, but damn, I just read a lot of sad man comments.

    Also, FYI, women with a lot lower BMI also have a lot more wrinkles and look older way before they should. Fat cells smooth the skin and keep you looking younger and mostly wrinkle free.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I was kinda shocked too over how many men chose the scrawny one.

      • Wraith says:

        I’m just laughing. Go right ahead and chase after the walking toothpicks. It leaves the really hot women free to date gentlemen with impeccable taste, like myself. ;)

      • pdwalker says:

        That’s because we’re thinking 50lbs+ into the future.

        • Sara says:

          But that’s what I was saying. You can not assume that she’s going to gain that kind of weight. But whatever, to each their own.

          • Angel says:

            And even 50 pounds into the future, she may be the best thing that ever happened to you with moves that rock your little world.
            And what guarantees do we have that you studmuffins won’t gain weight, lose hair, or turn into shallow cheating twatwaffles?

  29. Wind River Ranger says:

    Definitely the one with the boobs (black).

    Also, it is nice to see the number of women who have commented.

  30. crazyeighter says:

    The hot athletic one on the left. The one that will still have perky tits in 20 years and not balloon out.

    What’s this “20 years” BS?? Get through a weekend, and call it good.

  31. crazyeighter says:

    And Ms. Skinny Chick with the Religious Tat obviously never read the book of Leviticus at all.

  32. john says:

    The one in black now, while she is in her prime. Just for fun, not for keeps.

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