Tiny dog shot and killed by SWATzis

A SWAT team sent to handle an alleged neighborhood dispute over dog waste ended up killing the dog, and igniting a firestorm of criticism against the local police force.

In dramatic video capturing the end of Saturday’s hours-long standoff involving Racine, Wisc. police, a small dog is seen being shot dead by a line of approaching officers moments after set loose.

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16 Responses to Tiny dog shot and killed by SWATzis

  1. madminute says:

    Motherfucking cowards!

  2. M says:

    That is just plain fucking sick. I can’t even get my head around someone who would WANT to shoot a helpless animal (hunting for food is different). S’pose we’ll be waiting a long fucking time for the “good” cops to step up and out this asshole as an asshole…..

  3. Boon Vickerson is out there says:

    “Swatzis”, that’s rich. I’m passing that around.
    Alynski said that ridicule is powerful medicine.
    Brother, that’s perfect.

  4. ColdSoldier says:

    Outright ridiculous.

  5. Tsquared says:

    The SWAT team for a neighborhood dispute? Fire the police chief and disband their SWAT team, strip them of their certifications so that the best job they can get is a mall security guard with a radio and a whistle. They re not capable of being in a position of authority and making reasonable decisions and should not be trusted with lethal force, tasers, billy clubs, or even pepper spray.

    It has gotten to be the new norm – the police are incompetent asswipes. There are a few good ones out there but there are not many and there are fewer and fewer as each day passes. There is a cancer that comes with the badge. Some are able to resist, but most succumb and become evil beings that see themselves above the law and are willing to bastardize justice at every given opportunity for their own personal gain or just because they are too lazy to do their job.

  6. I’m wondering what happened to the “Puppycide” documentary, been a year since Kickstarter closed the funding and even their Twitter feed hasn’t had a update since early July. And people that age “twit” their bowel movements. Took the money and run..er ran?

  7. The Walkin' Dude says:

    A handful o’ bottle rockets woulda had that neighborhood shot up when they lost their shit.

  8. Marty says:

    Now come guys the Little tiny dog was a serious threat to those officers, Especially when he turned around and was running away from them just before they blew him up.
    If you think about it he could have pooped in the yard again.

  9. dogpigcat says:

    Sooner or later it is going to come down to…
    “I don’t think you understand. These boys killed my dog”

    • Jack58 says:

      Exactly right, DPC. I know several individuals that hold canines in higher esteem than people – myself included. If I’m ever the victim of a 4:00 AM No-Knock Visit from LEO’s my three best friends would be quick casualties – for doing their job.

  10. NewVegasBadger says:

    Just remember if they can shoot a puppy and not give it a second thought, how long will it take for them to shoot YOU and not give it a second thought. Remember the LEO’s already view you as the enemy, as well as already being guilty. And they do see themselves as being members of a para-military organization. I had a cop-chick admit that to me once. This all conditioning for shoot you without remorse.

  11. gene says:

    I’m a cop with 43 years on the job. NEVER shot a dog. Had to put down deer, horses and cows hit by cars, but NEVER SHOT A DOG. Chief needs to be fired, cop prosecuted.

  12. Billy Colman says:

    The mindset of the vast majority of cops from chief to foot patrol is seriously out of whack and stems from people who have been denied legitimacy their whole lives and are grasping at any kind of power they can wield. Now they’re going to show everyone how powerful they are. Example:


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