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I just watched a video of Mark Levin at ALEC 2014 speaking about the calling of a new constitutional convention, what he is calling a “convention of the States”.

I have long been opposed to this idea for many reasons. Yes, it is in the Constitution. Yes, I fully support and defend the Constitution. However, this area of the Constitution is, unlike most of the rest of it, very vague. It does not contain the usual deep thought processes of most of the rest of the Constitution. I think this could possibly be because of it’s late inclusion in the final writing of the Constitution within 2 days of it being signed. Not much time for refining it and unfortunately it shows.

The concept is there, the reason behind it and it’s intent are all very valid, but the process is not defined. In the world of 1776 that would have been dangerous. In the world of 2014, it’s a disaster begging to happen.
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  1. MadJack says:

    The usual deep process of the Constitution was supposedly all it would ever take to stop a lawless president. So we’ve seen how well that has worked out. I trust nothing any longer that involves the government. Whether it be Federal or State. Would someone please tell me what this Convention of States is going to try and accomplish. Term Limits? Disband the IRS, DHS, EPA, BATFE? Limit Campaign finance donations to $1 per person in the whole of the USA? Secure our Borders and shoot to kill those that don’t heed the warning to stay out? Make ENGLISH the official language? Try Obama, Holder, sHillary and Jarrett for TREASON? Make Silencers affordable and legal in the USA without having to bribe the ATF first. So somebody tell me what this Convention is going to do? I’ll tell you what it is going to do most likely, FUCK WE THE PEOPLE!

    • DanG says:

      MadJack, the Constitution is all it would take to stop a renegade President, but it is just a document. Somebody has to act on it for it to be effective, and nobody has.

      IMHO, Mark Levin is a bright Constitutionalist, but he is a tactical moron. He claims to be a Republican, but he trashed the GOP candidates right up to election night. Now he is trashing them for not doing anything, and they’re not even in power yet.

  2. longnightrider says:

    There is not a thing wrong with The Constitution of the United States, Or the Declaration of Independence. It just seems that we as a nation have forgotten, or just do not care what the idea behind the words stand for… We do not need to change it, but hold it up and stand by it. I can not make a link, but this may help. Straight Talk about an Article V Convention on Vimeo . Oh ya, dude, We the People are Fucked. Cause we DO’NT CARE.

  3. Rob says:

    A Constitutional convention is a bad idea & would be a big mistake.

    It’s a clean slate, a chance for the political pros and everyone else to redo the basic rules.

    IMO you could kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye, those first ten amendments have got to be a pain in the ass for those who wish to ‘manage’ the population.

    Our founders are long dead and gone. From what I’ve seen it’s been a long time since we had a statesman running things. We do have lot’s of lawyers, politicians and lobbyists running things.

    Right now we have the federal govt reading our mail (everybody’s mail), cops regularly stop and seize cash from people who are free to hire a lawyer to try & get it back. It will go down hill if they are allowed redo the basic rules.

    Eisenhower warned us but they won anyway.

  4. D S Craft says:

    Will you guys stop it? Mark Levin is pushing a convention for proposing ammendments to the Constitution. It is NOT a convention for rewriting the Constitution. Specific ammendments are put forth and they are voted on by the 50 states. Nothing happens with any proposed ammendment unless 38 states approve. Do any of you honestly think that 38 states are going to agree to gut the Constitution? The United States is a majority red state country. While the population is split 50/50, the states are not because so much of the population is concentrated in a relatively few states. And if I understand Levin correctly, he wants to give the states the power of nullification vs what they perceive to be bad federal laws via the ammendment process. I think it’s a great idea. But no, no one is going to rewrite the Constitution.

    • D S Craft, you have it exactly right.

      And it’s not Levin’s plan, it’s written into the Constitution as a way to stop a tyrannical, oppressive government. That’s what we have. And, for the very reason you mentioned, talk of a runaway convention, is foolish. You can be assured that the establishment pols from either party will not embrace it because it has the possibility of extracting from them what they most seek to retain; power. And they are doing such a great job with that power, aren’t they? We should give the Feds even more power. They know what’s right for us, after all (sarcasm off). Frankly, more and more power is being given to un-elected bureaucrats to re-write laws and enact regulations that impact us all directly or indirectly, while bypassing Congressional oversight altogether. Conservatives have zero representation in DC. None.

      And as far as Levin ripping the GOP? They need to be ripped. When they run for office they tout their conservative views. In reality, they say one thing on the campaign trail (like opposing wide open borders and repealing O-Care), then do the polar opposite when elected. They sit idly by and let the current president bleed our country to death. McConnell and Boehner have stated on numerous occasions that they won’t impeach and the House won’t hold him accountable by exercising the power of the purse. This alone tells me that, in reality, they support what is going on. What else could it be?

    • D S Craft says:

      Please continue – I’m interested in hearing more.

    • iiipercentnco says:

      It was not legit because the AoC required 100 percent approval for amendment and rhode island was not there. They did not ratify till a year later when the govt already illegally going by the constitution was trying to pass a bill that would cripple them for not ratifying

  5. rightwingterrorist says:

    What’s it really matter?
    Either this or any other president will just issue a presidential order and the populace will bow down.
    Until and unless the Tree of Liberty is awash in blood nothing will change.
    …well, it’s going to change, for the worse.

  6. I agree with DSC above. Since making Senators popularly elected this form of convention is about the only avenue left to the States to try and reign in Federal over reach and strike back against mega population centers. There is no way an amendment to remove any part of the Constitution would get ratified by enough states to go anywhere but additions like a balanced budget or other restrictions on Federal power very well could. That is of course if the Republican lead states are intelligent enough to see where their power lies now with the changing demographics.

  7. Timbo says:

    I quite like the idea presented – 12 citizens from each state.
    I feel it would really put the power where it should be.
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe the cocksuckers in charge would ever let that happen.
    Conundrum. The country is going down the drain, and not much short of this will stop it.
    I like Mark Levin for his passion on this matter, and there are not a lot of others standing forward with answers to the dilemma.

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