From the CoP in Texas’s San Francisco

Following a shooting in downtown Austin, Texas, the city’s police chief urged residents to be on the lookout for anyone “acting with a lot of hatred towards any particular group.” But he put extra emphasis on one particular group of people — “gun enthusiasts.”

“And that’s why it’s important for us as Americans to know our neighbors, know our families — tell somebody,” Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said Monday. “If you know somebody that is acting with a lot of hatred towards any particular group- especially if it’s somebody you know is a gun enthusiast or is armed with these type of firearms and they’re showing any kind of propensity for hatred- it doesn’t mean we’re going to take them to jail, but we might want to vet these people.”
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10 Responses to From the CoP in Texas’s San Francisco

  1. bikermailman says:

    He’s absolutely right. There are a lot of Austin Weirdos who are filled with hatred for those in the community who have guns, and are for freedom, so they should be watched warily. Marxists do have a propensity for violence you know. Wait, the man meant to watch and report on the people who love freedom? Oh. Never mind.

  2. Robert Farr says:

    Austin is a bastion of liberalism

  3. gamegetterII says:

    This leftist fucktard needs to be removed from office immediately.
    What kind of asswipe tells people to turn in their friends for being “gun enthusiasts”?
    Austin is gone as a liveable city-all the Silicon Valley techies,and the NE corridor “intellectuals” ruined it years ago.
    It’s nothing like it was back when PBS first started recording Austin City Limits there.
    I have a friend who lived there for 20years-had a good business built up-and he just packed his shit up and moved back here because of what he called the granola eating Birkenstock wearing,bandanna on the golden retriever’s neck,vegetarian and vegan clueless fuckwads that has invaded and taken over the city.
    Must have sucked to move from the nice Texas winters back to Cleveland Ohio.

    • Mike S. says:

      “What kind of asswipe tells people to turn in their friends for being “gun enthusiasts”?”

      A former CHP Chief. Makes a lot more sense now, huh?

      And you’re right. Austin is ruined. The housing market is insane up there from all the transplants driving up demand past the point that supply can ever hope to keep up. The traffic is something right out of Los Angeles…

      Acevedo isn’t very popular here in Texas. Every session, he pushes the Legislature for a DUI checkpoint law, because those work out so well elsewhere…

  4. ColdSoldier says:

    I am gun enthusiast with a lot of hate for a “Particular” group.

  5. Charlie says:

    What the is a gun enthusiast anyway ?
    Are there people who own rifles, shotguns, etc. out there leading cheers and saying “Yay gun!”
    No there are not.
    Gun enthusiast… get a grip.

  6. BillDave says:

    I live here in Austin. It is not as liberal as the media has you think. The current city government is made of a tight controlling group of Liberal Lefties with which the Local and National media have aligned themselves. Why? They want to come across as cool and hip and claim Austin. Because Liberal is cool and hip, right. It gets a bad rap as a full blown liberal cesspool, but there are a lot of Libertarians here too. Lots. Also, the long liberal grip have had its first shake up. This last November we voted for ten districts council members versus the “At Large” council we had. The district I live in chose a conservative council member. A few other districts did too. So the liberals who had the monopoly are going to get a lot of resistance. There are some big changes coming next year. Plus the Hippie Liberals are moving out, because they can no longer pay the high taxes. Funny how that works, they vote for every tax raise and then can not afford it. The Irony. It will be interesting to see the city council work together this next year.
    As far as Art Acevado goes, he is loathed by most of the locals, especially blacks. There are some rumors that his days are numbered as Chief of Police. The blacks hate him because several officers have shot and killed several youths including an innocent black men who was trying to make a bank deposit.
    There is a reason Austin consistently makes the “Best of” lists all the time.
    Let see if we can turn Austin red in the next election.


  7. Jack58 says:

    Sorry, BillDave – I respect your cogent and informed letter – but too many UT Graduates have figured out a way to stay in what used to be the Heart of Texas..They have, as the best selling bumper sticker in central Texas states, managed to “Keep Austin Weird”..San Antonio, sad to say, isn’t too far behind.
    The good news is the rest of the Lone Star State is red to the core.

  8. Jackhammer says:

    Moscow (on the Colorado).

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