Mishap in San Francisco


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7 Responses to Mishap in San Francisco

  1. Ian Restil says:

    A year or so ago, a container ship carrying a cargo of blue paint collided with one carrying a cargo of red paint here in the Gulf of Mexico. Both crews were marooned.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Heck,most of the over 50 population probably sees those same colors on the road every day anyhow-they wouldn’t even notice any difference.

  3. Heltau says:

    Now that’s psychopathic, for sure man.
    Marooned…, that’s a good one, for sure.

  4. Tsquared says:

    Imagine ingesting 3 or 4 shrooms and walking up to this 45 minutes latter…

  5. fjord says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that’s enough to keep DEP and Hazmat teams busy for 3 weeks with road shutdown and detour and spill response, and environmental water testing? And the subsequent 10 yr survey of impact on wildlife…

    (thank goodness it wasn’t a truck full of mercury thermometers, that would be a 6 month cleanup)

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