PC, my ass.

Deb sent me this link: It seems that this mattress store decorated their window with a nice Christian theme and people started bitching and whining about it. Here’s their response posted on social media:

“We are getting some calls that people don’t like our windows at Discount Mattress & Furniture /Airport Mall. We understand that you will not shop here and we are sorry if it offends you..To those that asked us to take the scene down…we are sorry that you don’t believe as we do but the windows are staying as displayed until January 1st. If our sales decline due to our window scenes then we will shut our doors and still give the glory to the Lord.”

For the entire story and pictures, go HERE.

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14 Responses to PC, my ass.

  1. denis says:

    I wonder how many different people complained? I applaud the store’s stand for its religion. Unfortunately it is a five day drive there from my house so I cannot be a customer!

  2. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    It is my hope and prayer that all would be Believers (I so understand that is not going to happen). I respect peoples rights to worship or not too worship as they see fit. It is time to stop letting a bunch of whinny ass libtards who claim to be atheists (have them take a polygraph and watch them fail) dictate policy to the 75%+ portion of our society who disagrees with their point of view and want to put a nativity scene in their yard or pray before a sporting event, etc. If they are really atheists, what scares them so badly? I can imagine other ways to deal with shit stirrers, but here is how one AL town dealt with them.


  3. Jack Crabb says:

    The matress stor owners are better people than I am, and certainly wouldn’t put it this way, but I will tell those that want to protest what was put in the window what they need to hear:

    There is no right in the Constitution (nor offered by God) to not be offended. And, oh yeah, go fuck yourselves.

  4. Angel says:

    I would SO shop there.

  5. Kennymac says:

    I am not particularly religious, but FUCK YES! If the cowed don’t stop acting like cowards, these Progressive freaks will take everything from everyone.

  6. cato says:

    If you don’t stand by your beliefs, you don’t stand for anything.

    It’s time to stand.

    Bless these folks for lighting the way.

  7. Glenn B says:

    Fucking heathens.

  8. pdwalker says:

    Not beIng a very godly man, I would have told the complainers to go soundly fuck themselves.

  9. crazyeighter says:

    His store, his window, his faith.

    I’m a flat-out atheist and I’m saying The Perpetually Offended need to go fuck themselves.

  10. If you listen closely, you can hear liberal heads exploding. The sound of music.

  11. madminute says:

    cocksuckin dirt worshippers!

  12. Stand your ground for God!

  13. stand for your beliefs but KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF! one’s belief is incredibly personal and shouldn’t be public. keep your personal life at home, don’t bring your personal issues at work… do these ring a bell?
    if you want to believe in mythological creatures, fine. but stop shoving them up our ass.
    no, i’m not “pc”. no, i’m not a “SJW”. i’m just fed up with stupidity and religion (especially christianity) and all its wrongdoings since the beginning of time.

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