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20 Responses to Uh-huh

  1. madminute says:

    easy vehicle to take out with dynamite! 308 will punch holes through that all day long!

  2. Jesse in DC says:

    It says it right on the front. Police Rescue Vehicle… Makes more sense now huh?

  3. Shell says:

    Only one Doraville. NE suburb of Atlanta, just outside the Atlanta city limit. Population has gone from majority white to majority brown and yellow in the past twenty years. Next little town is Chamblee – pronounced “shambly”. Latinos pronounce it with a hard ‘ch’, as in ‘champ’. Influx of East Asians from many countries has garnered it the nickname of “Chambodia”.

    All of that is merely descriptive. The place doesn’t have *any* need for an M-113. Full stop.

    • Tsquared says:

      I lived in Doraville about 20 years ago, right behind Scrooges’s Bar and Grill, just off Tilly Mill. I had a second shift job where I got off work at 1 AM and I would drive home, walk down the hill and jump the fence, walk across my home-made 2×12 bridge that crossed the drainage ditch and climb the hill and drink beer/boilermakers and play pool till it closed at 3 AM. I lost count of how many times I fell into the drainage ditch on the way back home. Doraville was on a quick slide down hill when I left but it was still a quiet community.

      Doraville used to be a quiet, blue collar community. Most of the people worked at the GM plant or one of the feeder businesses. I was a tech guy in a solid blue collar neighborhood that had an American flag hanging out in front of almost every house. I sold my house to a guy that turned it into rental property – I moved 20 miles NE out into the woods. That entire neighborhood is a complete area of decline now. My house in the woods has turned into a subdivision that is in between 3 shopping malls – Mall of GA (3.5 miles), Sugarloaf Mills (5 miles) and Gwinette Place (7miles). It is past time to move again.

      To mess up the M-113 a 3/4 chain connected to the shackles on the front with a double wrap around a telephone pole will make the “street” treads slide all over the place – especially if you douse the tracks with burnt motor oil. Or a 3 foot 4×4 at the front or rear cog on both sides will render it immobile. A quarter pound of tannerite taped to a 1 pound tube of black powder just above the hinge on the front door would set it up for a .22 to blow the hatch. There is a air intake near the back left on top. A half gallon of gasoline would be a bad thing to go in the fresh air intake. Those are easy vehicles to mess up with just a little bit of know how. With the top hatch closed there are many blind spots as well. Someone sitting in the top hatch is also very vulnerable. Just saying….

      • oswaldbastable says:

        Takes a team of mechanics to keep them moving, too.

      • A nonny mouse says:

        Nice and quiet out here below Walton County. Glad to hear I’m not alone in this part of GA.

      • Shell says:

        I know where that bar was. I worked at a hotel at 285 and Buford Highway just over twenty years ago, when it was beginning that slide. Now my hometown – Riverdale – and all of Clayton County have slid even farther in a similar direction. CCSD has a 113, too, which is fucking scary when you know who the Sheriff is there.

        I was a mechanized grunt a long time ago. Gotta know how to destroy a track in order to know how to defend it. ;)

  4. gamegetterII says:

    yeah,rescue vehicle,that’s it-we’ll just paint it up to look like any other cop car-except they couldn’t resist the lightning bolts and battle whatever it says beside the bolts. I
    It’s got the red/white/blue lights,could pull over little kids on tricycles so they learn to obey the stormtroopers…

  5. dawg417 says:

    A armor plated rescue vehicle? Not a chance, That is a assault weapon plain and simple.
    Gee I feel safer………

  6. Dumbplumber says:

    For all you shell jacking, camo wearing, survivalist training, gun cleaning partiots, this is what’s about to come down your driveways, to pick up your guns. Now get your asses out there and land level a few Liberal politicians, to get their heads right, or wrong as the case may be.

    Unless most of you have anti-tank weapons, all that training won’t mean shit.

  7. Rufus Putnam says:

    Got thermite?

  8. Shane says:

    This was a video that used to be on the Doraville PD website that was pulled within minutes of being pointed out on Atlanta radio. Rescue? Doubtful, the song in ghe background is called “Die motherfucker die” by Dope


  9. Stretch says:

    M2AP rounds should go through one side. .50BMG will go through both sides … and what ever is inside. Agree that thermite will turn the aluminum armor into mush.

  10. Wielsucker (@Wielsucker) says:

    Assholes are right down the road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kajhu7qgojU

  11. Mark says:

    Up in the Ozark area of SW Missouri there used to be a search and rescue group that had a M113. They actually used it for that,they put band tracks on it had it setup for 2 litter patients and over a dozen radios. It actually didn’t do too bad in the rivers and the lakes up there. Last I heard the state took it away from them because of the maintenance costs.

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