Balls of steel


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  1. Smith says:

    Is he gonna take it down from the top?? He better have a hellofa roll cage!!

  2. gamegetterII says:

    No way in hell I’m doing that-all it takes is hitting some steel the guys forgot to put a few bolts in,or some concrete that got poured anyhow,even though it wasn’t mixed right-and you and the track hoe drop a dozen stories or so-fuck that.

  3. flyby56 says:

    I hope he is wearing a dammed parachute!

  4. Dave says:

    Yup. Balls of steel. How’d they get it up there?

  5. pdwalker says:

    Looks like China.

    “Worker safety” is not a phrase in their vocabulary.

  6. Photoshop.

    Any bets?

  7. Emily Disraeli says:

    Well hells bells, I didn’t know Demolition Excavators could fly.

  8. madminute says:

    how did they get that up there?

  9. Dale says:

    Got a coupla’ 1000 hours on Cats….No. Fucking. Way.

  10. AlphaDelta says:

    There’s a razor thin line distinguishing the difference between brains and balls.

  11. Eric says:

    I… *sits down* … How did… What?

  12. David Martin says:

    How’d they get that thing up there?

  13. wrong says:

    Balls of steel and no brains in my opinion. Someone’s looking for a Darwin Award.

  14. Mike says:

    There’s a web page floating around that has a series of pictures on why men die sooner than women. This should be on it. I can’t imagine the load rating is even close to what the excavator weighs and how in hell did they get it up there?

  15. dogpigcat says:

    I’m throwing out the bullshit flag. Gotta be a shopjob…

    • ikdr says:

      Agree. But a good enough shopjob that that was my second thought. The first was: how the fuck did they get it up there?

  16. gsebes says:

    How did he get it up there?

  17. Worker says:

    Question? How did they get it up there? and how much does the dude get paid?

  18. spartan181 says:

    I’m trying to figure out how they got that thing up there to begin with.

  19. Stretch says:

    How the HELL did they get that up there?

  20. Milo Mindbender says:

    My question would be how did they park that bad boy up there, and how are they bringing it back down?

    • pdwalker says:

      I’ve never seen how they get up there, but when they are done knocking the building down floor by floor, they just drive off the remaining rubble.

  21. ignore amos says:

    I saw a video of top down demolition. They loaded a guy with an acetylene torch in the bucket of an excavator and hung him over the side to cut loose a big slab of concrete hanging by rebar. Unbelievable!

  22. madminute says:

    otay no answers on how that fucker got there ….maybe shopped?

  23. They flew it up there under a heavy lift helicopter. Those things aren’t as heavy as you think they are.

  24. elric says:

    That looks like a 160 or 200 class excavator, with a jackhammer on the stick.

    That would be roughly 40k or 50k pounds on the roof. I call photoshop.

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