gov’t skeeters?


Harvard Professor Margo Seltzer warned that miniature mosquito drones will one day forcibly extract your DNA on behalf of the government and insurance companies as she told elitists at the World Economic Forum in Davos that privacy was dead.

Seltzer, a professor in computer science at Harvard University, told attendees, “Privacy as we knew it in the past is no longer feasible… How we conventionally think of privacy is dead.”

Seltzer went on to predict that in the near future, mosquito-sized robots would perpetually monitor individuals as well as collecting DNA and biometric information for governments and corporations.

“It’s not whether this is going to happen, it’s already happening,” said Seltzer on the issue of pervasive surveillance. “We live in a surveillance state today.”

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6 Responses to gov’t skeeters?

  1. Hillbilly says:

    Directional mini EMP device ought to take care of those pesky little fuckers.

  2. madminute says:

    bullshit….mosquito screen…that is all!

  3. John Denney says:

    Microphones in parabolic reflectors to listen and track them, for starters. Shoot em down with a shot shell loaded with a foot diameter circle of mosquito net that has weights (small split shot) around the edge.

  4. greatgeezer says:

    Filled with abrin, it would make a hell of a assassination device for the government. G

  5. X says:

    Seems that magnets might be the answer. Maybe electromagnetic fields in your doors and windows to keep ’em out of the house. Rare earth magnets in your clothes, I dunno, I’m just spitballin here.

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