For all you haters out there

This 18-story residential tower in Taizhou, Zheijiang Province, eastern China is being dismantled by excavators hauled to the top by cranes.
The building was completed in January and was hailed as a luxury development with a ‘perfect’ ocean view. But months later it was found to be leaning.


Experts have suggested the ground beneath the highrise sank because the reclaimed land it was built on is unable to support such large buildings.
Hu Zhizhong, an architectural researcher at Taizhou University, said reclaimed land commonly ‘settles unevenly’, but the sinking in this building was so severe that it could be that the land is simply unsuitable.



So let me get this straight: They put TWO excavators up there to tear the building down because it was leaning because it was built on unstable ground. Gotcha.
It’s a good thing there’s a bunch of them chinese fuckers because they sure don’t have a lot of common sense.

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27 Responses to For all you haters out there

  1. pdwalker says:

    Like I said, the value of human life in China is pretty low.

    So what if one worker dies? There’s a billion or so others willing to take the job.

  2. Life is cheap. Even cheaper there.

  3. favill says:

    But they’re really good at math and science…HAH!!

  4. I guess I was wrong, you don’t need Photoshop if you have enough stupidity floating around.

    Did they give those operators parachutes, I wonder.

  5. blackdog says:

    Wow, Chinese labor really is cheap.

  6. ummyeah says:

    and those other in taller, heavier buildings 100-200m away are just fine. right…I would be packing my things and out the door.

  7. Lord of the Fleas says:

    And then there’s this little gem from 2009.

    (What gets me is the number of windows that remained intact…)

  8. Shane says:

    So, what they appear to be saying is that the country that invented fireworks a thousand plus years ago hasn’t figured out controlled demolitions yet…. Or there’s a critical shortage of high explosives. Or, more likely, the Chicom powers that be just don’t trust a fraction of the permitted charge won’t “walk” off the job and bite them in the ass sometime down the road.

  9. Ken says:

    Ancient chinese secret: they got so many of the motherfuckers that if a few get killed tearing this building down, there are plenty more to take their place….and they will be damn glad to get the job.

  10. How do you say dynamite in Chinese?

    • pdwalker says:

      炸药 (zhàyào – phonetically it is roughly “jaw yow”, both syllables a high falling tone)

      The individual characters could be roughly translated as “explosive chemicals”

      And no, the average citizen doesn’t have access to them. On the other hand, fireworks are everywhere.

  11. Big___Al says:

    Exactly, as per Shane above: They can’t just drop that sucker with a few well-placed charges? Stupid commies.

  12. crazyeighter says:

    I’ll bet there’s a building contractor busting his ass to get those structures torn down and make everything all good before the central committee notices.

    The odds are pretty good the contractor is running one of those excavators.

    And if they’ve blocked the stairwell with debris already, then they’ll be up there until the job is finished.

    Along the lines of what Shane said, I’m pretty sure TPTB don’t want any peasants that know how to knock down buildings with explosives running around loose.

  13. Robert says:

    Here’s a story about China:
    I do some work with big industrial manufacturing equipment. Some of that equipment is purchased by China, China needs support in set/up etc.
    A company in china was doing an instal of a very large punch press, there’s pipes and shit all over the place in this building that is about 4 stories floor to ceiling. They have this bamboo looking scaffolding these little fuckers are climbing all over.. Picture ants crawling over toothpicks.

    We have to get to the top of this huge press, we ask, harness? “Oh, its safe, forrow me”
    We kind of looked at each other fuck it, okay, well about half way up to the left we see this little Chinese dude falling from this scaffolding, he had been working on pipes at the top of the girders. 4 stories up, we were watching his last 2 story free fall…

    We stop, we start heading back down, Chinese dude tells us, “don’t worry, we have rot’s of men”

    Looked down, saw a group of guys pick the fallen, run out the side door. Never missed a beat, never heard another thing about it…

    Chinese labor is a dangerous thing.

  14. David Martin says:

    Life might be cheap, but have to wonder how many excavators they’ve lost dong this.

  15. dogpigcat says:

    My apologies. Should’ve known the Chi-Coms would do this shit. Just fucking crazy!

  16. ron says:

    how do they lower the excavaters to next floor when they remove top floor?

  17. madmike says:

    Give me the key to one those trac hoes and a nice pay love iit

  18. elric says:

    I stand corrected, never thought they’d be willing to work like that.

  19. iggy says:

    How did the excavators get up there? Pretty darn heavy, no crane in sight…

  20. ikdr says:

    OK, this one isn’t Photoshopped, but it still doesn’t make any damn sense. Why not get a crane a quarter the capacity you’d need to lift one of those excavators, put a 10,000 lb wrecking ball on it, and do the job in, at most, 20 percent of the time, with far less risk to workers and equipment? Even if life is cheap in China, those excavators aren’t.

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