And let the games begin!

thumbs_hornoxe.com_picdump26_18Why is the chick on the left wearing 2 bras?


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17 Responses to And let the games begin!

  1. Gromit says:

    Silicone falsies, not a second bra.

  2. MelvinT III says:

    Multiple lines of defense. Against dudes! Chicks can undo 2 in the same amount of time we can do 1….Just saying…

    None-the-less — gotta love a good shot. Can I get one?

  3. Bill says:

    their playing games…… strip poker type stuff…

  4. davidc says:

    Eatin’ at the counter, how tacky !

  5. Wirecutter,


    ‘That blond chick with the multiple bra’s on looks like a chick from ‘Norcal’ I knew.

    ‘cant be the same chick, no way?

    and no I ain’t making this one up. That same chick lives in Texas now.

  6. simpleman says:

    That’s what you’re wondering? What the he’ll is she doing “down there”?

  7. madminute says:


  8. Matt in K.C. says:

    The other one has on two bras as well, a tan one. You can see where it’s hooked in the front with a small bow.

  9. art says:

    Do you call that sucking or blowing?

  10. Big___Al says:

    There’s two straps though, the black and the pink. Thinking not inserts, but some sort of party game.

  11. Scott says:

    Two bras are common practice for chicks with small tits. Makes them look bigger.

  12. woodsterman says:

    Is that a human catheter?

  13. PoppaGary says:

    All of the young girls wear multiple bras or tops these days. Seems kind of silly, a lot like the post with the girl in bathing suit and undies.
    I miss the old days when young ladies were respectable and would go to great lengths to avoid having their bra or even bra straps showing and just went braless! (And usually with those slit up the side cutoffs too…..mmm.)

  14. Jimbro says:

    I really don’t know what’s going on here but I’ve enjoyed trying to figure it out.

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