Oh man…..


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  1. Julie Armstrong says:

    Oh my that is awesome. Where is it??

  2. madminute says:

    great to be there without the crowd!

  3. Harry says:

    No volcano or hot tub…. but I saw a killer A Borealis one night – kind of looked like that. Back in about 1988 give or take, me and a couple hooligan friends decided it’d be a good idea to eat a bunch of fungi and go night skiing at Keystone, CO. (PSA: Don’t do this.) Anyway, after we found out that skiing and those little cow patty-dwelling toadstools don’t mix, we decided it’d be a good idea to drive up to Loveland Pass. (PSA: Don’t do this, either.) We get to the top of the pass and the lights were out like crazy. The three of us sat there like monkeys in a giant snow bank and stared up for, well, I don’t know how long. We thought it was the apocalypse.

  4. Lisa says:

    Iceland! I’ll be there in May, bucket list here I come. Of course, I’ll be looking at the ‘almost’ midnight sun…..I’ll make it work.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Looks like Iceland!

  6. ColdSoldier says:

    Hot springs, Volcano, northern lights….gotta be Iceland. Ive been there briefly.

  7. Al_in_Ottawa says:


  8. RTinWeimar says:

    Only in Iceland.Cool places, hot rocks.
    Sponsored by:
    Icelandic Tourist Board

  9. Crotalus says:

    A hot spring to soak in, an erupting volcano for drama, and the Aurora Borealis for a sky show. Way too good to be true! This has to be Photoshopped.

  10. BillDave. says:


  11. Shane says:

    This picture from Extreme Iceland is created from three different pictures taken at three locations: Hveravellir hot springs, currently erupting volcano in Holuhraun and northern lights captured over Snæfellsnes. https://www.facebook.com/citycarrentaliceland/photos/pb.243630455846394.-2207520000.1422682005./272717502937689/?type=1&theater

  12. NewVegasBAdger says:

    Yes. Iceland. And it is where the mid atlantic ridge is above the surface of the ocean.

  13. toolpush says:

    See the northern lights up here all the time Kenny.have been in the takhini hotsprings too.never seen any lava though

  14. fjord says:

    It’s people soup.

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