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Fucking neat freaks

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Kansas. That fucking boring.

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Kinda reminds me of my ex

All. Fucking. Day.  

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This should be on a billboard outside DC

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Lighter fluid?

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She’ll probably die first too, the bitch.

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Fucking amateurs

It’s been many years since I’ve zipped my dick.  

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Still going with the kotex plant

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I’m obviously no good under pressure

Miss Lisa’s son and his girlfriend are out from Tennessee for a week and tonight when I got in they were all out in the garage doing a laundry marathon so after we ate they went back to the garage … Continue reading

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Sorry the dam burst on your birthday

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There’s some twisted people out there. Thank God.

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islam dump – or dumping on islam.

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Airing it out?

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Meanwhile, in Iran…..

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Fine art knows no boundaries

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Mother of the Year

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Everybody better grab a towel

My uncle Gary was known for his belly flops and at 5’8″ and 300 pounds, that motherfucker could put a dampener (literally) on a pool party.  

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