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I know, how fucking racist of me.

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

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Bathroom books

Yup, under the towels and washrags that nobody used.

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Handsome devil, ain’t I?

Greg The Whiney Li’l Bitch was trying to figure out the camera on his new phone yesterday and asked if I’d pose for him. Actually what he said was “Hold it right there, Uncle Si” but what the fuck, right?

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“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”

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Yeah, you ain’t foolin’ nobody

But we do appreciate it though.  

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Hatin’ on The Beib

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I’ve been that fucked up before

I sampled some liquid LSD one time in England that flat out fucked me up. No tracers, no giggles, just straight up realistic hallucinations. I felt lightly buzzed, you know, a very heightened sense of awareness, for about an hour … Continue reading

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I’ve creamed more than a few with my truck, that’s for damned sure.

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Go Aggies

Texas A&M Study Rated Obama 5th Best President in America’s History. From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the fifth best. The A&M’s Public Relations Office released this statement “After almost six years in office, Americans … Continue reading

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Like night and day

I just carried on a 14 minute conversation with my mother and never uttered anything but yeah, mmm-hmmm, is that right?, no shit, and really, huh?. I miss my Pops. Our phone conversations went like this: “Hello?” “You want to … Continue reading

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What the hell? Training wheels?

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Quick question

Hey, what replaced the 45 ACP Black Talons? Was it Golden Sabre?

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What you’ll see in the Rebellion

Let me explain, gun grabbers, how your confiscatory fantasy plays out. Let us imagine for a moment that a sweeping gun control bill similar to the one currently suggested is passed by the House and Senate, and signed into law … Continue reading

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Somebody’s awful happy about something

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Mohammed… I’m ready!

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Teabagged like a motherfucker

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A master craftsman

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

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Dean’s a dick

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