I’ve been that fucked up before

I sampled some liquid LSD one time in England that flat out fucked me up. No tracers, no giggles, just straight up realistic hallucinations. I felt lightly buzzed, you know, a very heightened sense of awareness, for about an hour and then I started peaking and that was like a reverse roller coaster hauling ass uphill. It was all about “Hang on, Cowboy. We’re goin’ for a ride.” I tripped for 24 hours and peaked for 20 of that. I was so goddamned mentally wrung out after I came down I was almost comatose and slept for 12 straight hours. It was a fucking ordeal.
I couldn’t even sell it like that – I had to cut it 50% otherwise motherfuckers would be running around nekkid and jumping out of windows and shit. I made a nice profit, though.

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  1. MM says:

    I did some LSD once that had been dropped onto a Chiclet-supposedly 500! mics. Well I’ll tell you, it was the strongest tripping I had ever done-I’d say I was peaking for over 12 hours and came down fairly easy, went to sleep and woke up after how many hours I don’t remember, but felt fine.

    I’ve done mushrooms and peyote a bunch and probably over 50 LSD trips but that purple Chiclet was the mind ripper of all time. I remember sitting in my hallway watching a guy come around the corner and walk past me-had an orange cape on and he just kinda floated on by-watched him go down the hallway and disappear. WTHell? Realistic as all get out.

  2. pdwalker says:

    Not my cup of tea, my imagination is already in hyperdrive.

  3. Randy says:

    Always enjoyed interacting with straight people in public while tripping, especially cops- they were hilarious to screw with while testing my “acting straight” skills while my companions were freaking out around a corner somewhere. The stories one could tell. How I stayed out of trouble remains a great mystery…..

  4. Timbo says:

    In my teens in Denver
    I was hooked up sweet.
    I’d go to this shotgun shack near downtown.
    Old hippy dude with fridge and not much else.
    In fridge was rows of little plastic bottles with approx,115 drops per bottle of liquid.
    Best before or since.
    That shack was there for two years that I know of.
    Thems was the days!

  5. Bootmaker says:

    The only liquid 25 i ever did was in the parking lot before a Dead show in Okc.
    it was a great concert.
    im pretty sure it was…they usually were.

    The most fucked-up ive ever been on acid was in Albuquerque one day back in the 80’s when i got some bond money back on a hot check beef.
    started out in the morning (tuesday) celebrating w/ some tequilla n beer.
    later that day a dude that owed me some money gave me a 20 hit strip of blotter.
    i seem to remember wondering if i should do the whole strip.
    i didnt.
    i ended up giving my girlfriend 5 hits and doing the rest myself.
    finaly regained some sense of awarnes on sunday evening
    ‘the legend of medusa’ album from trapeze was repeating at full blast on the stereo.
    the front door was standing wide open.
    a big turd was in the middle of the floor.
    when we washed off all the body paint and glitter, we discovered that we were covered in bite marks and bruises.
    none of the neihbors would talk to us after that day.
    havent had that much fun since.
    those were the days.
    i think.

  6. madminute says:

    i love cid!

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