Like night and day

I just carried on a 14 minute conversation with my mother and never uttered anything but yeah, mmm-hmmm, is that right?, no shit, and really, huh?.

I miss my Pops. Our phone conversations went like this:
“You want to go trout fishing tomorrow, Boy?”
“You bet.”
“I’m leaving at 4.”

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5 Responses to Like night and day

  1. Roswell says:

    Yup! That’s just about how my dad conducted business with me over the phone! And when he said 4, he meant 3:45, or you’re late!

  2. ColdSoldier says:

    I miss my Dad too. He’s been gone 26 years now and I’m still not over it.

  3. Col. Angus says:

    typical conversation with my mother:

    me “Do you need me to take you to the store?”

    her “No, just leave it open.”

    me “OK, I’ll come back by tomorrow.”

  4. Mr. Miracle says:

    Yup. My Dad was like that. When Mom was out, IF he answered the phone, he would “Hello” like I was daring to interrupt the most important thing that was ever undertaken by man. We would say a couple of things, then off. But in person, my Dad would tell stories and tales all night, drinking and playing guitar with my Uncle and their friends. Damn that Man could drink. But on the phone, grumpy and pissed.

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