Even the Germans are getting in on it


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8 Responses to Even the Germans are getting in on it

  1. madminute says:

    amazon is gonna fail with this brainwave!

  2. Emily Disraeli says:

    Just your luck. The drone you shot down is full of romance novels, box of tampons and something chocolatey. Or you can have whats in drone #2, pick a drone, try your luck.

  3. fjord says:

    It looks like a flying barbecue grill.

    And If i ever see one hovering over my cattle freaking them out, I’m going to kill it. With fire.

  4. Tsquare says:

    In urban area a shotgun blast will bring the police. I don’t want that hassle.

    But, a Tippman 98 paintball marker, with a response trigger (full auto), frozen paintballs, and the regulator turned up will really mess things up. I do know that one of those paintballs will nearly cut a squirrel in half.

  5. Amazon has already won. Every story I’ve read or watched on Amazon Drones is a commercial for their Prime membership. When Amazon opened a warehouse in my state and started collecting sales tax for the state I dropped Prime and stopped buying from them.
    Amazon is evil, they are all for nationwide internet sales taxes. 900 different rates and jurisdictions? No problem for Amazon they have more spare computing power than the government. But it will kill off most of their competitors.
    Like Google, they have gone to the dark side.

  6. Alex Lund says:

    You foget that we do not have the 2nd Amendment. Getting a gun is nearly impossible.

    I envy you for the 2A.

    Why did you 1945 not insist that the 2A gets a part of the new German Constitution?

  7. Phssthpok says:

    Living in Wa. as I do, my first thought was “HELL YEAH! Dank, delivered right to my door, via Amazon drone!!”

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