Lice, bedbugs, fleas, roaches and black widows. I wonder what else lives up in there?

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7 Responses to Nasty

  1. gamegetterII says:

    I caught somethin’ that looked like that in a Conibear trap one time.

  2. Wraith says:

    I just saw a Japanese soldier peeking out of there, asking if Hirohito has won the war yet.

  3. Angel says:

    Hillary’s emails? Obama’s birth certificate? Boehner’s balls?

  4. Rufus Putnam says:

    Got a match?

  5. FrankC says:

    Is that cap on back to front?

  6. Milo Mindbender says:

    Looks like what I fished out of the bathroom sink drain last week, when it stopped up.

  7. madminute says:


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