That’s just a target for a doublejack expensive
Particularly if he hit my fucking truck with those.

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9 Responses to That’s just a target for a doublejack

  1. Hey WIrecutter,


    That Camaro or whatever it is, is in Texas.

    They do the same thing in Oklahoma to the Airstream’s and Singlewides. There called ‘Clotheslines’

    Seriously, can you imagine the stress that guy goes through to keep his car from getting fucked with, stolen, burglarized.

  2. Ben Hur chariot racer?

  3. Tom says:

    That is in Houston TX, where Iive. That style of weelz seems to be popular only here, and you would laugh be laughed off the road in Dallas. Unrelated, but interesting anyway, guess what was grown in Hempstead into the 1950’s?

  4. choclabs aka da cook says:

    yeah, I’d knock those off with my truck, parking next to this idiot. It’d be fun. I’d even circle to make sure I got both sides.

  5. Tass says:

    Welcome to Houston….

  6. madminute says:

    someone with a small dick!

  7. oltanker says:

    Bought ’em with his baby-mama’s EBT card!

  8. Bill says:

    Those things say “stand on me” in huge letters.

  9. crazyeighter says:

    What, spinners didn’t fuck up the looks of the car enough??

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