While Pedro and his family snuck in 500 yards away…

No drugs or would-be immigrants were hidden in the sedan that rolled up to a Border Patrol checkpoint on a Southern California highway last week, but within 90 seconds the driver was handcuffed.
His 4-year-old boy was crying. And a video camera mounted on the car’s dashboard captured the moment. The motorist had said he was an American but told the agent he did not have to say where he was going, would not consent to a search of his trunk and would not move his car.
“You brought this on yourself, buddy,” an agent says as he is led away.
Another traveler came through a similar checkpoint in El Paso this month, also with a video camera rolling.
He, too, challenged the agent, saying he would not answer questions. After a few seconds he was curtly told, “Get out of here.”

And from HERE:

Border Patrol’s parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), said in a prepared statement that “Border Patrol agents may lawfully question the (vehicle) occupants about their citizenship and place of birth, and may request documented proof of immigration status and how an individual status was obtained.” But it added that agents at these checkpoints don’t automatically have the authority to conduct searches of motorists or their vehicles.

“Often, local citizens are subjected to extended interrogation and detainment” ACLU attorney Mitra Ebadolahi told UT San Diego. “These are mini police-state zones.”

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9 Responses to While Pedro and his family snuck in 500 yards away…

  1. Dav343 says:

    Hell Pedro didn’t have to sneak, they picked his ass up and put him and his family up in decent a hotel with free food and drink, meanwhile they fuck with us. I think they are trying to provoke a reaction, they want to see how far they can go before we decorate some light poles.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    More like while the driver pissed off the border patrol agents-Pedro,and Juan,and Carlos,and Jose,and Jorge,Juan,and Julio’s families all strolled across the border on either side of the checkpoint.
    Create a diversion,and while the agents are busy cuffing one guy-35 other sneak across.
    They’ve been doing that shit from Brownsville to San Ysidro for 30 years-or more.

    • It wasn’t the citizen’s fault the government employees got pissed off. If they are unable to control their emotions and remember just who the hell pays their bloated salaries, then they should find honest work.

  3. AC says:

    It’s nice that the Feds have decided that the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply whenever and wherever they find it to be inconvenient.

    In a completely unrelated random thought, I wonder where the checkpoint goons live.

  4. D S Craft says:

    I live in the San Diego area and had to pass through one of these checkpoints back in 2005. I had a truckload of family coming back from a Mexico trip. We had passed through the border checkpoint and were on the Interstate 8 freeway several miles from the border when we had to stop. I was royally pissed. I rounded up everybodies passports and handed them to the agent. As I handed them over I said to him, ‘here you go officer, I’m sure you’ll find that all of our papers are in order.’ Man did I get a dirty look.

    • VOX says:

      You didn’t genuflect enough, and he suspects you would object to a common-sense new proposal which would require every American citizen to have his Social Security number tattooed on his wrist.

  5. bikermailman says:

    Let’s remember, via EO they have claimed the ‘right’ to do these at any point within 100 miles from an international border. Go through your phone or laptop, no probable cause required. 2/3 of the country’s population falls in that zone. In addition, federal law considers any airport that handles international flights to be an international border. Draw a 100 mile radius around that, and you get most of the rest of the population. They haven’t done that…yet. Pearson’s Law #2: If a law or regulation can be interpreted in a given way, then sooner or later it will be.

  6. Steve says:

    bikermailman, that’s the excuse they used in Tenn to setup highway checkpoints in the highway rest areas. “It was an International Border”, because otherwise, there was no 4th amendment grounds for searching everyone that went thru.

    Although some of us speculated that another motive was to get the sheep used to having to produce their papers, on ‘official demand’.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I live hard up against the Mexican border and have to go through the BP checkpoint at Falfurrias every time we travel upstate. We’ve been treated courteously (so far) and never had a secondary inspection where they pull you over for a more thorough inspection – we see those alongside the line under a covered portico.

    The question “Are you an American citizen ?” doesn’t bother me – yeah, I am and proud of it too. “Destination and reason for travel ?” – I stay a bit vague on that. Its an answer I’m not sure the agents believe anyway. I mean what do they expect to hear ?


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