A concealed weapon would’ve been nice

HESPERIA (CBSLA.com) — One of three women attacked in Hesperia by a man she says was covered in blood and tried to kidnap her niece has come forward with video of the incident, obtained only by CBS2/KCAL9.
Three women and a young girl run for cover inside Hesperia City Hall as the suspect is seen on the cell phone video standing in the doorway, chasing after them.
Scared and desperate, the woman holding the camera backs away and turns down a hall. The bloodied man is seen chasing her before running at another woman, raising his fist to her and attempting to grab the little girl.


You gotta check out the video. One of the women described him as looking like a zombie – and you oughta see her, burnt orange hair and vato eyebrows. No wonder he attacked her. He was trying to do LA a favor by getting rid of some serious WTF.

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6 Responses to A concealed weapon would’ve been nice

  1. bigslurpy says:

    he’ll probably end up in anger management which will no doubt manage to make him angry.

  2. Angel says:

    Concealed. Open.
    Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.
    I have a motherfucking 1911 .45.

  3. skidmark says:

    And yet another vote for make a crappy cellphone video that barely captures anything (especially anything of importance like the face of the assailant) being the first thing you need to do when faced with any kind of emergency.

    I agree with Angel (and you), but then I live in Free America where I can open carry into state/local government buildings and they can’t do a darned thing about it.

    Back (before the dinosaurs roamed the earth) in my day there used to be a secret class just for girls where they taught things like swinging purses and using high heels as impact weapons. Heck, even those tiny purses (the ones too small to hold a postage stamp – remember them? – let alone a condom) on a chain hurt. And I will never forget the day Judy Weinstein taught Jimmy Sykes that holding on to the purse and flailing with the chain was even more dangerous.

    I blame the grandmothers. If this stuff is no longer taught in the schools then grandmothers need to see that mothers and big sisters know these things and pass them down to the younger sisters.

    stay safe.

  4. Father Confessor says:

    Oh, I dont know … I’d hit it. But then I have no standards.

  5. danielkday says:

    A concealed weapon inside city hall? That would have gotten the carrier into way more trouble than the zombie.

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