I thought I was watching the Baltimore riots at first

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police are continuing to investigate a violent exchange at a Long Island mall parking lot that was captured on cellphone video.
The brutality unfolded over a parking space at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream over the weekend, detectives said.
A 49-year-old woman was looking for a place to park Sunday when she saw a man standing in the middle of a space, apparently holding the spot. She ended up parking elsewhere, but as the victim walked past that group to get to the mall entrance, a verbal exchange ensued and escalated into a full blown physical pummeling, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported.


What I found odd about this is towards the end of the video at the link, it says that onlookers won’t be arrested for ‘not calling the police’. It’s a crime for choosing to not get involved?

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9 Responses to I thought I was watching the Baltimore riots at first

  1. Angeleyes says:

    That’s going to be the world’s most expensive parking space for somebody!

  2. Damn…there wasn’t a white person involved? Boring….

  3. rocky says:

    I suspected it before I went to the link. Tawana and Latoya battling it out. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  4. Edward Teach says:

    Tawana and Latoya…Totally didn’t see that coming.

  5. Daryl says:

    Hm, thought that was back in Africa with the Hootsies and Tootsies a brawling. About all that is missing is them chucking spears at each other. Sure shows the advances the black woman has made in the last few years.

  6. Glenn B says:

    A totally revealing side scene was the kid clapping while his(?) mother dukes it out with the other woman. He will probably grow up to be preZident.

  7. jay352 says:


  8. Mike S. says:

    Failing to inform on your fellow citizens to the state is a crime, comrade.

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