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Good Morning

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Class division in pre-war England

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Thick as a brick

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Fucking tweekers, man…..

A woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing an ambulance from Memorial Medical Center and leading officers on a brief pursuit. Kristin Ireland, 48, had been in the emergency room at Memorial for several hours Monday morning when she began … Continue reading

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Yeah, fuck that Constitution.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Senate Tuesday that he has no regrets at all for going around Congress to implement President Barack Obama’s several immigration-related executive actions. “Do you regret the actions that you and the administration have … Continue reading

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Too little too late

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced new legislation Tuesday that would increase fines for water wasters and allow local governments to issue the penalties. A second initiative from the governor would streamline environmental reviews for some water supply projects, such as … Continue reading

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

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That’s the Delta Mendota canal, the one that takes all of our water down to Los Angeles. About half the width is shown in the picture and it’s 20-30 feet deep if that gives you any idea as to how … Continue reading

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True love

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Let’s play the “Spot the Slut” game!

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Yeah well, whattya gonna do.

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How’d that ‘Give ’em space to destroy’ work out?

Charred cars and buildings. Hospitalized police officers. Looted and damaged businesses. No school, because it might not be safe for children to go outside. That was the stark reality Tuesday after a day and night that saw 202 arrests, 144 … Continue reading

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Room to grow???

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Happy bacon is delicious bacon

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Snappy dresser, Billy Joe.

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And now you know

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Meanwhile, in Tulsa…..

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Driving Angel nuts

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As Abdul fills in for the Weather Girl…

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Angel refuses the challenge

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