So much for sweet nothings


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3 Responses to So much for sweet nothings

  1. Ken says:

    Too funny! I actually did that to my son and his girlfriend in the days before cell phones. We are rural, and so most calls were long distance. I was pissed because my phone bill was out of control.
    So I started just started picking up the phone at random times at nite, and one nite , no dial tone, no talking, and then I realized they were on the phone together and were asleep. I yelled in the phone, Hang the fuck up! Click!

  2. rightwingterrorist says:

    All one has to understand is that things are now like when I grew up.

    It’s called a party line.

    Everyone had one.

    The only difference now is that instead of your neighbor listening in it’s the .gov.

    Oh, I almost forgot.

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