Because he’s special…..

LangweileDich.net_Bilderparade_CCCXLIV_99They couldn’t cut his fucking hair out of the picture so they made his picture smaller? Probably so he could be himself and believe in himself and flourish and all that other liberal bullshit. Bunch of fucking hippies running our skools, no wonder nobody learns anything anymore. Stupid motherfuckers…..


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3 Responses to Because he’s special…..

  1. Karma's Bunghole (@TurdBurglestein) says:

    Is he trying to make a point with that hair?

    Or maybe he’s trying to make up for a “shortcoming” somewhere else.

  2. Jack58 says:

    Kenny – you have no idea how correct you are.

  3. madminute says:

    nice candle!

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