Good selling strategy


There’s one on Hwy 132 on my way to work in Vernalis. There’s always a line at the place and traffic slows to 30 because everybody driving by has to look in hopes of spotting the half nekkid babe serving coffee.

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4 Responses to Good selling strategy

  1. Bill says:

    Bet she gets big tips. Why not? I’d stop too.

  2. pdwalker says:

    Heck of a sales pitch. Who doesn’t enjoy real beauty?

  3. rockinrod61 says:

    I’m in the north Seattle area and all the coffee stands are like this. They have to advertise “family friendly” for the ones that actually wear clothes so moms with a car full of kids can get coffee too. On my commute route I have several ‘slow down’ points for the view if you know what I mean….

  4. Glenn B says:

    If they had those around here, I’d be at least a five cup a day man.

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