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4 Responses to YEEEEEHAW!!!!!

  1. gsebes says:

    Is there a morning after picture?

  2. Hey Wirecutter,


    People don’t realize what its like to lay on a board and you start to paddle for a wave behind you that just jack’s up like a motherfucker and your already committed.

    That’s where your stomach drops out from under you, you know the feeling right before you get into a car wreck that you know is unavoidable.

    You got no choice, commit or die.

    As Mike said on “Breaking Bad” There are no ‘Half Measures’

    The fun part of it is if you do make it, its a real, real super high. Its even better when you have eye witnesses’ that are not the ones that would ‘exaggerate a story’ in order to back up your ‘Big Wave’ encounter and its, verified and confirmed.

    If you don’t make it, imagine being ran through a washing machine and hoping your board does not hit in head and your fin does not cut your nutsack off.

  3. Mike says:

    You gotta ride that bitch to the end. You fall you die.

  4. Tom says:

    Find the movie Riding Giants. Good shit. One of the more interesting parts is about a guy from Cali who discovered Mavericks (huge horribly scary wave) which made the “big waves” in Hawaii look small. He kept trying to tell people that this huge wave was up right off the Bay Area but no one believed him. So he surfed the thing by himself for a decade! Then someone took some pics that made it into a surf magazine and the whole world went, wait wtf? Then the “big kahunas of big wave” came to Cali to surf it and it killed one of them that first day. RIP Mark Foo.

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