Haven’t had a good rant in a while

This is in response to a comment that KennyMac made on the Jesus Because Your Broke post. It was supposed to be a reply but it got way too long.

My entire family emigrated here from Oklahoma and Texas in the 1930s. At first they wanted to work but there was none or didn’t pay enough to live on so they starved. Then the government stepped in with food assistance and free housing in the form of labor camps. My grandparents accepted this help as a stepping stone from poverty to prosperity and eventually got off government relief after many years. Their children however, began to wonder why they should help themselves at all when the government was willing to do it for them. After all, they didn’t need much and the government had lots of money. Because of that attitude and government ‘help’, an entire generation of self-reliant, independent people were lost, at least in the State of California. The entire first generation of my family born here in California were on government assistance most if not all of their adult lives. They worked only when they had to, not because they wanted to. They would purposely work seasonal or temporary jobs so they would get laid off every few months and live on unemployment and welfare living in hovels until their unemployment ran out, forcing them to go find another temporary job.
Their many children (welfare pays more for each child you have) never learned any different. Government assistance done fine for their folks, why wouldn’t it for them? The need for education or a work ethic was never impressed on these children. I cannot think of a single college graduate in my family. Not one. I cannot think of a single person other than my dad and his brother that retired from a place of employment. Not one.
The welfare system here was revamped so it was harder to get, but not impossible. What did my family and the rest of the state do? Headed downtown for some federal assistance, that’s what. They all went down and got on SSI. I swear to God, I know of people that were on SSI because of their addictions – that’s right, they claimed they couldn’t work because of their drug and/or alcohol addictions. So what did the government do? You guessed it, gave them $1000 a month to spend on their addictions. Brilliant, isn’t it?
There are people on assistance that need it, not ranting about that. What I am ranting about are those that are perfectly able to support themselves but refuse to because of a ‘disability’. They either exaggerate their disabilities or they refuse to retrain for another line of work.

Oh, what was the difference between my dad and his brother from everybody else? Their stepdad, my grandpa Ike, was a logger in Oregon and knew the meaning of hard work. He didn’t move his family down here until 1957. Pops and Ed already had a work ethic instilled in them.
Rant over and I can’t believe there isn’t a single cussword in there. I should probably frame it, huh?

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  1. Tom W. says:

    I’m reminded of the signs posted at National Parks:

    Please Don’t Feed The Animals.
    They Will Become Dependant On Handouts, And Not Fend For Themselves As Nature Intended.

    Or some shit like that. Ironic isn’t it?

  2. Hey Wirecutter,


    Your right on many points.

    I know the welfare system in America will end at some point once the fed (Federal Reserve) goes bellyup from debt, mismanagement, and corruption.

    The system we live in is ‘unsustainable’ When the EBT system and all other dispensaries of federal and state welfare money dry up, and crime will skyrocket and all hell will break loose.

    America at some point in all the chaos will start to dissolve state by state. I predict we will go the way of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

    I am not a proponent of what will happen. I like the Constitution and keeping the Union intact but I think as with many other empires of the past. America is bathing in corruption and rot, like the Roman Empire in its final days.

    In a nutshell the welfare system will end at some point. It will be ugly, but I predict it will end.

    If someone has a relative, family member on Social Security retirement or any other form of government EBT from any level of government, local, county, state, federal. Get them off of it, get them independent.

  3. guy says:

    When I was growing up there were more or less two rules: 1)NEVER, EVER have your hands in your pockets. A person standing around with their hands in their pockets obviously didn’t have enough work to do, 2) NEVER, EVER enjoy your work. If you aren’t hating life you obviously didn’t have enough work to do.

    After all that I became the laziest mofo my family had produced. I *knew* what hard work looked like, I could spot it from miles away. And would run like a gazelle the other way.

    At least I thought I was the laziest mofo around. Then I ran into the rest of humanity.

  4. Geoff R says:

    That was’nt a long rant,it could have said a lot more.The same is happening in Australia.The socialist govt hands everybody welfare or disability pensions and nobody wants to work.The latest figures show 48% of people on some sort of govt assistance.I’ve always been self employed and the worst thing to be in Australia is an Australian born white male with a job,you PAY for the bludgers and are not entitled to anything but a tax bill.

  5. kennymac says:

    ” What I am ranting about are those that are perfectly able to support themselves but refuse to because of a ‘disability’. They either exaggerate their disabilities or they refuse to retrain for another line of work.”

    And the result is that the Social Security Disability Fund is within months of being broke. There is no escaping the math. The money ain’t there and this level of benefits was never expected. One of the proposed solutions is to combine the Social Security Retirement and Disability Funds. But that is just a Band Aid. The SS Retirement Trust Fund is like the brief case in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Full of IOU’s, payable to ourselves.

    • gamegetterII says:

      SSD used to be hard to get,you always,every time were denied,then you had to go see their Dr’s,and most of them were assholes that sucked at being a real doc,so they hated life,and took it out on those who they had to determine whether or not were able to work.
      3 times over a 30 year period,I had series of surgeries that fucked me up for two years or so-yeah,I applied,and got SSD-go to starvinlarry.com,look at the pics on the left side,and there I am in a 1980’s bean bag chair-I had that torture device on my leg for 28 months.
      Month 19-I get a letter from SSD that stated “we have determined that you are now able to return to work,your benefits will end in 60 days”
      Month 19-that frame had a whole lot more shit attached via wires and pins through the bones in my leg.
      How the hell do these people qualify for SSD?
      Why would you stay on it?
      Who can live on $1,000.00 a month or so?
      When I was clearly all fucked up physically,and not able to work-I had to fight to keep SSD for 2 1/2 years?


  6. Skip says:

    Granpa and his brood came out to the valley in the dust bowl era.
    Chopped cotton, picked fruit, raked roads, anything they could get.
    His boys learned how to work and did ok after the war.
    His grandkids did better as my grandkids are doing, by bustin’ thier asses and doing things right.
    The welfare queens and holmes will pitch a fit when the trough is empty, but not for long.
    They will die out pretty quick as they don’t know how to make a living.

  7. gamegetterII says:

    My family settled in a valley in West by God Virgina in the 1700’s.
    Starting with my grandpa,every kid went to college,got a degree,and got off the family farm.
    My great grandparents had 13 kids.
    My great grandma lived to 97,drank shine every day,smoked a corn cob pipe,and was in the top 10 for meanest woman on the planet-maybe that’s why all her kids went to college?

  8. I must be fucked up. I like work. I’ve not always loved every job I’ve had but I always found ways to make it fun and excel at everything I’ve done. One of the coolest jobs I ever had was shining shoes. I made $$ hand over fist! Laying around all day would drive me nuts.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey Ken; just to add to your rant….I work at a hospital that “had” to take care of a fella. He didn’t have insurance (the kind you or I have) he had Medicare and SSI because….he couldn’t read or write. Yep, he was “disabled” according to our overlords. His lack of ability to read or write was a genuine reason according to the gov. (course he never tried to learn…) Yes, he was sick when I took care of him, but the other 360 days he was quite capable of working.

  10. Paulo says:

    Around here (Canada) it is the Natives. They have tons of kids with almost 100% unemployment on remote reserves. I worked with a lady from one of those reserves. She had her first child at age 13, her second at 15, and so on. I asked her what her family said when she was pregnent at 13? She said they all got together and celebrated. I told he that in my family it would ensure a lifetime of poverty and worse. My daughter had her first child at age 31. Of course she had to start later, after they got careers on track and had a house to live in. We always frowned on having our children get knocked up while still in middle school.

  11. I heard a story long ago about James Cagney. A guest took a stroll around the grounds of the Cagney home. He found Cagney sitting on the porch of a small house at the back of the estate. Cagney explained that the large house was his wife’s domain, she liked to entertain and wanted a fine house for parties and guests. Cagney liked to get away to the smaller house and relax. They began to speak of the world and its problems. Cagney told about his younger days when he and his brother would lie in bed and dream. His mother could only afford to feed them one meal a day. He and his brother would talk about the future while they tried to think of a way to “scam” breakfast. Cagney wanted to be a hoofer (dancer) and his brother wanted to be a doctor. He and his brother achieved their dreams. He said the problem with modern welfare is that children have no dreams. When the Government comes with a check, they give the check with one hand, and take the dreams with the other. I’ve never heard a more accurate description of the problem.

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