Ladies? Is this for real?????

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6 Responses to Ladies? Is this for real?????

  1. Angel says:

    I don’t know. Mine are naturally pink on a field of creamy white.

  2. sleeping giant says:

    pink or brown

    pointy, puffy, or inverted….i really don’t care

  3. It’s true. Filipino women buy that shit think that pink nips are best and brown ones are bad. They even have skin whitening cream for their pussies. Although I prefer the natural big brown nips and brown puki.

  4. pdwalker says:

    Asian’s want to be whiter. There’s a whole load of products offering to whiten your skin.

  5. Firehand says:

    I can’t find it right now, daughter ran across a video a year or two back from India, made by a jeweler about a wedding involving a taboo and a looked-down-upon thing: the former was it being the womans’ second marriage, the other was the bride had darker skin.

    Mind you, she looked like a well-tanned lady in the US, but apparently in much of India, in the upper classes, dark skin is a Bad Thing in a woman.

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