Now and then


All I could think of when I saw the bottom picture is man, that motherfucker ain’t nothing but a moving target. He’s either extremely sharpsighted and agile or his legs are black and blue because you know everybody’s trying to slice one in his general direction and the more fucked they get (everybody knows golfing’s about the drinking) the bolder ones start actively aiming for him. And what’s he do when motherfuckers uprange start plotting against him? “Okay, everybody swing on 3. Ready? 1… 2…” Dude don’t stand a chance, man.
You know damned good and well that he posed for that picture with a brand new-out-of-the-box cage, because the one he usually wears is dented up severely. Hell, that probably ain’t even the real dude – the real ball collector is probably at home nursing his dings and listening to shit from his old lady about his job title.

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  1. I worked on a golf course in SC after high school. We had an older guy that drove a big Ford tractor with those big ass tires on either side of the driver. He pulled a big, adjustable width gang mower behind him to mow the rough. This was all he did. He had very short, thin hair and the poor dumb bastard refused to wear a hard hat. First time I met him I thought he had cancer or something because he had these huge knots on his head that would take a week to rub down with 80 grit! He had about five of them in various stages from fresh to more than a year old. The colors on each one were amazing! That wasn’t even the worst part……

    Like I said, he mowed the rough with that big tractor and 25 foot wide mower. Every time he got hit in the head it knocked him out cold and all but once, he fell off that tractor but by some miracle managed to avoid being run over by the big tires or the mowers! I had been there about a year when I heard the story the first time and I had to leave the building because I was laughing so hard. It still makes me laugh.

    Everyone called him a Turk, Gypsy or both. Not quite sure what that meant but he didn’t seem too bright for a guy in his 50’s-60’s and almost never talked which was good because I had no fucking idea what he was saying when he did talk.

    About 65% of golfers are there to drink. Generals had staff officers driving other carts that only carried coolers. I made a fortune collecting beer cans while “emptying the garbage” every morning! Most golfers are also out to hit just about everyone except other golfers. The seem to get a real kick yelling fore! after the ball has whizzed past your head. Fuckers blame everyone and everything for their non-existent skills.

  2. Coop says:

    heh… there is no doubt in my mind that he is 1. a ballsy M-Fer 2. a Target. Why aim for those little flags out there that never move when you can ratchet up your skills by taking aim at a moving target. You know that those bastards on the range are betting $5 on who hits him first too!

  3. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    I think our man from the ’20s is quite safe. Technology has greatly changed the equipment over the past 80 years. Golf balls have gotten smaller and heavier for better distance and drivers have changed from wood to steel to graphite shafts to impart more energy. Also in the ’20s, there were few public courses, you had to be a member and ungentlemanly behaviour such as abusing the help would get your membership revoked. Today they’ll let total jerks like me onto the course.

  4. The Old Man says:

    One would think the uniform would include a steel cup (or cast iron then).

  5. Angeleyes says:

    Probably an aspiring dud tester, too.

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