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Well, that was easy.

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Happy happy!!!

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Fell in the creek, huh?

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So Angel rescued a dog…..

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“Do as I say not as I do”

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Ah, school days…..

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Seems to be a trend lately

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Brotherman Jerome – The Early Years


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I’ve been known to tell people after I shook their hand that I just got finished jacking off. That’s one surefire way to find out if he or she has a sense of humor.  

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Look at him grin

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Fuck around and find out

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He’s got him a good woman right there

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I bet her nipples are harder than a motherfucker

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Looks like I’m headed up to the mountains Wednesday

Fuck that 108 bullshit. And that forecast is from Oakdale, and their temps generally run a few degrees cooler than Ceres. I’m gonna be sitting at 10,000 feet, not sweltering down in the valley. It seems like the older I … Continue reading

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Green water. Oh goody…


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Now than can be a handy skill around drunks

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The Law of Tight Brothers says that anything of mine is yours – not only are you allowed to use anything of mine that you like without asking, you are expected to. After all, if you’ll risk life, limb and … Continue reading

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In Texas? TEXAS???

Liberals at the University of Texas signed a petition to remove a statue of George Washington and memorials to other founding fathers in another illustration of the politically correct insanity that has emerged in the wake of the Charleston massacre. … Continue reading

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It would be funny but none of my friends know how to read.

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Morphine. Mmmmm, morphine…..

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